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Neha Dhupia Breaks her Silence on Slamming a Male Contest for Slapping his Gf; Taapsee Pannu Comes Out in her Defense...

In her Defense, Neha Dhupia has now Released Official Statement after Receiving Severe Backlash for Slamming a Male Contest for Slapping his Girlfriend. Taapsee Pannu too has come forward and supported her...


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Neha Dhupia recently made headlines for her remarks on cheating in a relationship. The actress who is a leader in Roadies Revolution, was seen slamming a male contestant after he admitted of slapping his alleged errant girlfriend who was cheating on him with five other boys while they two were in a relationship.

In one of the promos released by the channel, the male contestant can be seen revealing his story and the revelation did not go down well with gang leader Neha Dhupia who then gave the guy a piece of her mind. She reprimanded the male contestant and told him sternly that in no capacity he had the right to slap her. She stated that it was the girl's choice to be with five boys at the same time.

"Yeh jo tu bol raha hai na ki ek nahi paanch ladko ke saath gayi thi... sun meri baat - it's her choice (You're saying she was with five men... listen to me... it's her choice). Maybe the problem lies with you. Nobody gives you the f***ing right to slap."

This comment by Neha wasn't digested by the netizens who in turn started trolling her miserably. A lot f them even slammed her and called her a 'Fake Feminist' and also accused her of hypocrisy.

Twitter was incensed rather than impressed by Neha Dhupia's response, invoking a past Roadies incident in which a female contestant said she had slapped four men. Neha's casual reaction at the time is being contrasted with her angry outburst now. "Such double faces on equality," Neha has been told on Twitter. "Be a feminist, not a fake feminist," read another tweet. Another angry netizen wrote: "These are signals of fake feminists." Some on the Internet were also outraged by what they perceive as Neha excusing infidelity.

Now, Neha has broken her silence and released an official statement in her defense. Her statement reads:

Roadies is a show that I have been a part of for five years and enjoyed every bit of it. It takes me all over India and gives me the opportunity to team up with absolute rock stars from all parts of the country. What I do not like or accept is what is happening for more than two weeks now! Recently during one of the episodes that aired, I took a stand against violence. A guy talked about his partner who cheated on him (allegedly) and in retaliation, he hit her by his own admission. What the girl did is a choice she made which is a moral choice regardless of someone, man or woman... adultery is a moral choice. Cheating is not something I stand for, and it is unfortunate that I have been misrepresented for the same... but what I do stand for is women's safety. Sadly, as a reaction to my opinion, I have been subjected to weeks of vitriol. One of my posts had over 56k comments! Yet I was silent but now people close to me who have nothing to do with this - my family, my friends, my co-workers and even my dad's personal WhatsApp are being flooded with abuses and harassment. My daughter's page is nothing less than a barrage of abuses and this is not acceptable to Me. What a man or a woman does in a relationship is their choice and moral choices are always ambiguous. But no matter what they are, they cannot lead to physical abuse. I stand by the fact that NO MATTER WHAT ... physical abuse or assault is not acceptable. Obviously, a man's physical strength is a lot more than girls and gender-based violence against women is a huge problem in our country and across the world... I urge people, whether a man or woman, to educate themselves about domestic violence... If you're a victim of abuse, please stand up for yourself. You are not alone.

- Neha Dhupia

Reacting to Neha's comments, Taapsee Paanu too came out in her defense and retweeted Neha's post and wrote alongside: "For all the ppl writing abusive and harassing messages to you and your family should know, they aren’t on the right side of the moral compass they r acting to be the torch bearers of. Adultery is wrong morally n so is violence. One can’t be the response to the other."

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ChickenSoup 2 months ago Anyone can act tough in front of people who have a high level of tolerance. Madam Neha should go preach her disgusting feminist ideologies in the Middle East and see how long she survives. Bloody hypocrite!!
SamW92 2 months ago IMO, no human (both male & female) has any right to slap/physically abuse/mental abuse any other.
Smiley1233 2 months ago man every time something like this happens , these so called fake feminists come out in support of the women regardless of whats happening. So in the same scenario if the women caught the man cheating on her with 5 other women, she's justified in slapping him??? give me a break.
Rein123 2 months ago Birds of a feather , flock together!! Cheating her boyfriend with five other guys was her choice but it was a wrong one and she had no right to keep toying with the guy’s feelings the way she did, so yes as woman I think the guy is justified in slapping that b*tch. If a girl slapping a guy for cheating on her is acceptable then how is this wrong???
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