Neev ka Safar Mumbai se Turkey Tak...

From the cab drivers to the airport authorities, Turkey has taken Jay Bhanushali and gang for a ride. Find out his heart warming experience at Turkey...

Turkey boasts of a rich culture that through the centuries has made a lasting impression on modern civilisation. The heir to many centuries of cultures makes Turkey a paradise of information and cultural wealth. It's obvious that it was just a matter of time before the reigning queen of Indian Television would find her way there to get some of the Indian melodrama unfold on the Turkish soil. Subsequently, right after the viewers saw their favourite and a big ticket of Bajaji Kasamh Se star cast in Turkey, following suit was another Balaji big ticket - Kayamath.

India-Forums caught up with the Main lead of the show Jay Bhanushali who plays adorable and charming Neev Shergill in the show Kayamath seems to have a great time while shooting in Turkey. When asked about the trip, he immediately opens up, "We stayed in the place called Mutter and its wonderful. I was shooting for two
days, the rest of the days went in partying, shopping and exploring the Istanbul city. I also did a lot of shopping ,especially at Duty Free shops located at the airports”
It also seems Jas has been smitten by Turkey's beauty. “ Turkey is really beautiful. And the
climate and the sites, were excellent!!" exclaims Jay.
Whenever we explore a new place there are certain incidences which make a permanent mark in our mind. But when it comes to revive the most memorable incident you had in a completely new place, its not necessary it should always be a good incident. Jay Recalls, I was shopping at the Turkey airport, and the flight was about to take off in 15 minutes time, Shabbir and I had to run and catch the flight, but the time we were about to board the flight, I realised that I had forgotten my ticket somewhere. Usually if you don’t have a ticket you need to have a ticket slip and you can board the ticket, I didn’t have that either. I had pleaded them a lot but they didn’t even listen a bit, I had spent all the money and was left without a single penny.Shabbir and the other cast members boarded the flight and they pulled my leg that they will reach back India and meet me there. Later on I realised they were pulling my leg and after an hour or so,they managed to get the permission from the airport official and I got into the flight, which got delayed because of me I was completely paranoid in the flight due to this..When we finally landed in India , I went to get a cold drink for myself and found my ticket in between the Turkish currencies in the wallet and was shocked.”

Thats not all it seems Jay didn’t have good experiences with the cab drivers of Turkey, there are some incidents which will always remain fresh in his minds, " We were supposed to go to a mall,
On the way back we gave the taxi guy our hotel card,which I always used to carry.But to my shock we were on a tour of the city all of a sudden.Due to frustration, I started screaming at the taxi guy in Hindi and he was yelling back in Turkish and he claimed for 50 bucks but the normal charges for reaching the mall was 8 bucks, I was adamant of not giving it to him. Later on when he didn’t even listen and continued yelling while I was making and attempt to negotiate I just gave 12 bucks at left the place. 
Another incident was that this taxi guy, who seemed to be very friendly before, just dropped us at an unknown place and even the cops directed us to a wrong metro. Eventually, Sanjeeda and myself had to call our local production house people who finally rescued us. What a relief!!

Turkish is the language which is used by the locals residing at Turkey So did Jay get familiar with a few of the pitter-patter? “Yes a few basic words.. Like: Nas ýlsýnýz? - How are you? güle güle - Bye Bye” he informs us gaily “But honestly, I am so good at playing - dumb charades now. I know I won't die hungry in any city in the world, regardless of if I know the language or not.”

It seems people of Turkey made a lasting impression on this young heart throb. “They are really very sweet”, flashing his impish smile, Jay signed off.

That was the one and only Jay Banushali sharing and talking about his experiences in Turkey. Stay Tuned to Telly-Buzz as we will be back with more juicy news.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Shagun
Contact Author: sweet_shagun

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thanx for the article...
jai is a such a cutie pie and a sweetheart..

16 years ago

It's Jay..... Any country he goes to, automatically becomes awesome!

Lolz, jokes apart, yes it's a lovely country, but wow, losing his ticket was pretty scary...!!!

16 years ago

wow jay looks cute bechara kitnaa kam karna partaa for us choo chweet
thanks for the article

16 years ago

Anne - means mom

baba- means father

my friend in Netherland was Turkey

16 years ago

lol....poor jay......faced lot of trouble......hes lukin cute in tha pics

16 years ago

Thanks a lot sagun! <33
Jay looks so cool! *wink*

16 years ago

i dunt watch kayamath.. but still he's such soo cute and handsome!!! :)

16 years ago

t4s awwwwwwwwwwwwwww blessss neevu aka jay is well sweet

16 years ago

Looks like he had loads of fun!! Especially wid shabbir.. Well shabir is a sweetheart!

16 years ago

Jay looks cute... what is it with Ekta taking all her shows to Turkey..first KS, now Kayamath...which show is following

16 years ago

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