'Neenyaare' - novel story with unexpected twists (Kannada Film Review)

Film: 'Neenyaare', Director: Sindesh; Cast: Sooraj, Sambhrama, Ramya Barna, Sharat Babu and Thulasi Shivamani; Music: V. Manohar; Rating: ***

Film: 'Neenyaare', Director: Sindesh; Cast: Sooraj, Sambhrama, Ramya Barna, Sharat Babu and Thulasi Shivamani; Music: V. Manohar; Rating: ***

The year 2008 has been termed as one of the worst for the Kannada film industry by trade pundits and film critics. But 'Neenyaare', coming right at the end of the year, brings with it a much needed breath of fresh air.

Young debutant director Sindesh has shown creative brilliance in handling a subject that is both novel and challenging.

'Neenyaare' starts off as a subdued love story but moves forward to become an interesting plot of unexpected twists. Sindesh has created the right ambience to narrate the story and he has also been able to extract great performances from the newly introduced actors.

Had this talented director worked a little harder on the script, which has a few loopholes, 'Neenyaare' could have been an excellent film.

With many unknown artists in lead roles and a debutant director, 'Neenyaare' was passed off as another ordinary film to hit the screens. But such perceptions are erased within a few minutes into the movie.

The plus points of the film are many. Sindesh has managed to narrate an engaging film in his first attempt. His crisp dialogues and knack of invariably bringing in a suspense element in the narrative has helped the film.

It has brilliant photographic work from Vishnuvardhan and superb musical composition by V. Manohar. Vishnuvardhan's camera angles and frames create a perfect mood for the film sequences. Manohar's title song is fantastic and two of the numbers are well choreographed.

The film's first half could have been trimmed, excluding the unnecessary comedy scenes. The second half has many engaging moments.

'Neenyaare' revolves around Surya, an orphan brought up by a good-hearted couple. The youngster starts receiving love messages that are planted on balloons, flowers and even glasses, but he doesn't know who is sending them. Finally, he finds out that a girl called Sinchana is behind these messages.

Meanwhile, Surya's guardian's daughter Megha falls in love with him. But Surya still has his heart set on Sinchana, who promises to get her parents to meet him. But she never turns up. A distraught Surya continues his search for Sinchana, and the suspense continues to build up right till the climax.

Suraj has done his best to essay a complex role. The two heroines - Sambhrama and Ramya Barna - have proved their mettle in their first film. Veteran artists Sharath Babu and Thulasi add to the film's strength.

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