Nausheen Ali to make a comeback soon

Nausheen Ali, popular for her 'Kkusum' portrayal on Sony, seems to be making a surprise comeback to TV Screen. More on her Bolly and Hollywood projects, right here...

After catching audiences with her powerful portrayal in Sony’s top show Kkusum, Nausheen Ali Sardar has maintained a low profile ever since she chose to walk out of the show.

After being out of the small screen for what seems like eons, the good news now is that the actress is planning a surprise comeback in the near future. Speaking about the new development Nausheen says, “It’s a surprise which I cannot share at the moment but there is something lined up for the small screen which will be my comeback to the small screen after such a long time.”

Not only the small screen, Nausheen has her designs set on the bigger one too. The actress has recently completed her film in Pakistan titled Main Ek Din Laut Aunga. The actress has also completed the shooting of Teesri Manzil in which Nausheen will be playing the role of a cop. The film also stars Irrfan Khan and Deepal Shaw. The best part is that the actress has also been approached for an upcoming Hollywood project which is still being finalized. Says Nausheen, “I was amazed at the response my film garnered in Pakistan. I’m sure the audiences would love my forthcoming films.”

Ask her what took her so long to decide coming back to television and she says, “I have seen that the content on television is increasingly becoming the same and you cannot tell one show from the other. So, I was waiting for the right concept to come my way before signing on the dotted line.”

So, the cat is finally out of the bag. Now, what needs to be watched out is which show and which channel would see the pretty actress back. I guess it would be some more weeks’s before we can write more on that. Till then, keep reading this space.

Author: Owais Mir
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Deepal Shaw

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Nausheen Ali Sardar

Comments (14)

wow ummmmm...... i don't know what to say :0 well I don't like her but ummmm............. good luck :0

16 years ago

thanx..this is fantastic news...she's one of my favourite actresses in television....cant wait to c her again..i hope she comes in sony like she did in kkusum...

16 years ago

Yay!!!!! Nausheen is back.
thanks a lott.

16 years ago

This is what I was waiting to hear. I hope she comes back to Sony...or Zee but not Star! Thanks for the information.

16 years ago

omg i'm so so so happy

i was wondering where is she? whatz she's doing and all that
but finallyyyyyyyyyyyy thanksssssssssssssssssssssssss for leting me know

she's the best
i love her
from all kektaaa's girlssss
i liked her the most
i was really sad when she wasn't shown on tv

16 years ago so happy...... I hope we get to see her in a new show soon....

16 years ago

oh that is exciting news!! she is a fab actress!!!

16 years ago



16 years ago


She's coming back at last! I can't wait!!

16 years ago

OMG.. I'm so happy Nausheen is coming back

16 years ago

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