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Natasha's Identity Revealed in Kuchh Is Tara

The shadowy figure in Kuchh Is Tara that has been piquing the viewers' curiosity is finally revealed. Find out who is the face of Natasha.

Published: Saturday,Feb 23, 2008 14:06 PM GMT-07:00
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Kuchh Is Tara undergoes a major change as the audience sees Kanya Godbole and Ranbir Nanda shown falling in love. But after all, it’s an Ekta Kapoor show and does not seem complete without twists and turns in the script. And the twist in this show is the wild and wacky Natasha. The Telly Buzz team delved deeper to get an insight of what is in store for the viewers.

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Speaking to the main protagonist Akashdeep Sehgal who plays the hate- guru Ranbir, about this new change, he says, “Well it has actually come as a surprise for me too. I didn’t know the track was changing. Initially the show was a thriller, but now it will be more of a comedy thriller which is a good thing because the audience likes a bit of fun and seriousness, both in good combination. And television is all about tracks, and the latest track of Kuchh Is Tara will now show Ranbir Nanda falling in love with Kanya Godbole.” He further adds, “Earlier I was playing the hate-guru but after all the fighting, a love bug has bitten Ranbir and so far the audience has been seeing only a war of roses, but now they will see only roses, with no war. I just hope the audience appreciates this new change and continues to watch the show as they have in the past.

And how does Natasha fit into the whole love story? “Natasha is the thriller element of the show. Right now that’s all I can reveal at this point and her entry will create a lot of suspense and thrill for the show”, replies Akashdeep.

The leading lady, Dimple Jhangiani was a bit tight-lipped about the new track as she says, “I cannot reveal much about the story changing. I know that the audience expects the story to follow the norm and show Ranbir and Kanya falling madly in love with each other. It will be just a tinge of that, but it does involve a certain amount of suspense and thriller too.” So is that where Natasha comes in to the picture? “I cannot say anything about that. The audience just has to wait and watch as it will be something different and interesting.

Although the protagonists are reluctant to reveal the character of Natasha, a source reveals, “Natasha’s (played by Dimple Jhangiani) true personality will be revealed in Monday’s episode. Kanya suffers from a split personality disorder and Natasha is the darker side. While Kanya is weak and subdued, Natasha is the aggressive one.”

Now that sure seems like a good surprise in store for the viewers!!!

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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punjabi.princes 14 years ago its actually very interesting to see Kanya (Dimple J.) to play and evil side since she looks soo innocent..this is probably one of ektas best shows ranbir is soo hot;)
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sunshine. 14 years ago Much more realistic than any other Ekta twist I've seen :D
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yipee 14 years ago wow what an amazing twist..cant believe ektaa can make such a show
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
ammmu 14 years ago Wait, what?? So Natasha is Kanya's darker side?? oohhhh, interesting.. wonder how they'll implement that.. thanks for the article!
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gem5000 14 years ago wow..interesting as someone in the forum had already predicted this!
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DJKM 14 years ago hmmm split personality..hpefully it wil b gd
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Jaslove 14 years ago thanks for the info

looks like members prediction in KIT came true lolz. I'm liking the story change in KIT, Comedy Thriller thats good topic to discuss on...

kyph fan 4eva you so right Bhool Bhoolaiya concept.
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Bubbles_Rox 14 years ago huh?...:S...Kanyas Natahsa:S...this is so strange but interesting...cant wait to c the epi:)
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tanzhia 14 years ago i just don't get...kanya being natasha??!!!
i was thinking more like..kanya being adopted, and natasha being someone from kanya's past. someone close to kanya..

anyways, we'll have to wait and see on monday.
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sc0507 14 years ago how is that possible? her parents were shown looking for her at odd places!! if it was kanya...then they knew she was at ranbir's house. going to ruin this show bith all her bloopers!!!!
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