Nandini gets kidnapped in Dhoondh Legi...

Nandini realizes love for Abhishek after getting kidnapped by him in Star One's Dhoond Legi Manzil Hamein...

Star One's Dhoond Legi Manzil Hamein will see a major twist with Abhishek (Deepak Wadhwa) kidnapping Nandini (Deepali Pansare).

A reliable source says, "As Nandini's father has a bitter relationship with Abhishek, he gets thrown out of Nandini's house when he comes  to meet Nandini. Abhishek gets drunk after which he behaves in a ruthless manner with Nandini".

The promos of Abhishek dragging Nandini are on air presently.

"Though the promos looks as though Abhishek tries to rape Nandini, the actual truth is that he will kidnap her and keep her at his farm house. This will be a turning point from where the actual romantic track between Nandini and Abhishek will kick-start," adds source.

We hear that Deepali Pansare injured her leg while shooting this sequence and was bleeding profusely while she was being dragged.

"Nandini-Abhishek will develop feelings for each other after this horrifying incident. Nandini will also realize that Abhishek is an impulsive guy but has no bad intentions towards her. This will  prompt Nandini to give a second thought towards accepting Abhishek's proposal," signs off source.

All's well that ends well, isn't it?

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar


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diyajiya 9 years ago yaar i lost loving jodi recently and looking for a jodi .this one really ATRACTED ME.and abhi is really hot and good looking ,handsome dude types.i liked him from d very first day and liking AN.would love 2 watch much of them .actually i like alka bt not chandar that much.so,main highlight for me in this show is AN.THEY ROCKKKK.
nehap84 9 years ago she is brialliant as nandini,i even liked abhishek's acting,all the best to both
shabanashaikh 9 years ago saw episode and cant stop commenting...they just rocked epi...love AN.,want to see them together and want to see their chemistry now2011-01-04 23:58:51
chupBILKULchup 9 years ago Donno y i really liked this guy in the first episode itself,but his acting was weak.I guess now he might have improved.I m eagerly waiting for their track now.I ll watch it.
Prinsesse.Suvi 9 years ago Sounds interesting..but I hope they show us equal chalka as well as abhishek and nandini scenes...and I knew abhishek is an obsessive/ psycho dude2011-01-04 18:29:49
alina_lale 9 years ago only Alka is the pretty in the serial

jeenal20 9 years ago seen the promo....
would love to watch their chemistry now...
missing chander - alka scens....
ImagineTV 9 years ago When the first promo was aired of this show , it was looking interesting. But this show is just boring. I think it will end qiuckly
---ayesha--- 9 years ago Promos are always misleading.I knew that Abhi would never force himself on Nandani.I am glad that nandani will start liking him as well.I am loving their story and esp Abhi.He is really hot !!
televisionfan 9 years ago @ ardiat..if u don like DLMH then how come you take keen interest in reading the article????!!!!
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