Naman Shaw in Sssshhhh... Phir Koi Hai on Star One.

Naman Shaw will now get all spooky being part of Star One's Sssshhhh... Phir Koi Hai..

After beau Megha Gupta, it is now the turn of Naman Shaw to be part of the spooky Sssshhhh… Phir Koi Hai on Star One.

The actor is gung-ho about playing a Rajput character for the first time and will be seen sporting a mustache for the role. The story revolves around Naman's visit to a village in which he must fight a ghost and overcome evil!

Playing a forest officer, Naman will be seen fighting an overcoming evil in the show. "This is not the first time I have taken up a horror show, but I really liked the simplicity of the good V/s. evil story in this particular episode!"

So are you ready to watch your favorite star in a new avatar?

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Megha Gupta Thumbnail

Megha Gupta

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Naman Shaw

Comments (13)

I just love Naman!!!!!!
He''s amazing!!
Wish you all the best Naman!!!!!!

14 years ago

i dony think they r actuallu seeing each other

14 years ago

aww ...Megha''s epi came last week and now Naman''s epi will come...I really hope they do a show together...dying to see them

14 years ago


I agree!!!!I want to see Naman with Kritika Singhal again!!!

14 years ago

Awesome I hope Naman also comes in a New serial with Krratika Sengar

14 years ago

now again we got chnce to watch MegNam in one shhow..

14 years ago

all the best nama
wish to see u in a new show soon

14 years ago

Yeah i knoww !!
once again it z going to be really rocking !!
i just hope !!

14 years ago

they both wont b in the same show.. megha''s episode is already over... nw naman is coming in new one...

14 years ago

Oh wow...that really nice...though I wish Naman & Megha appeared together!!

14 years ago

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