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Najma to get hit by a Tennis ball in Tum Sath Ho Jab Apne!

Sony Pal's extremely popular show Tum Sath Ho Jab Apne is doing quite well with the audience as the track gets more revealing in further episodes by Najma getting hit by a tennis ball.

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Multiscreen Media's newly launched general entertainment channel Sony Pal is increasing its viewership by the day with the kind of content it is presenting on the platter of the audience. Out of the nine shows that the channel has commenced with, Sphere Origins' Tum Sath Ho Jab Apne starring Barkha Bisht Sengupta, Hasan Zaidi and Ashnoor Kaur is doing exceptionally well amid the viewers.

TellyBuzz had earlier reported about about Najma (Ashnoor Kaur) donning the get up of Charlie Chaplin to impress her mother Mariam (Barkha Bisht Sengupta) owing to her meet with their neighbour Imran (Hasan Zaidi) who motivated her to get into Tennis. Najma knowing the fact that no one from her family is in support of her to get into sports, she went to Imran's house.

Well, the next update that we have got from our source is something that the audience will eagerly want to watch.

Our source says, "Actually what happens is Najma has an inclination towards Tennis. She is very much interested in playing Tennis but her family does not allow her; her bade abbu (Asif Sheikh) strictly warns her to not participate in any further sports. Since she is not allowed to play, she is just looking at the practice that is happening in her school as a spectator. While this practice is on, there is this girl who is playing, hits a hard shot and the ball hits on her forehead and she faints. Imran (Hasan Zaidi) who is the coach takes Najma to the staff room and provides her with all medical aid. Meanwhile, her cousins who too are in the same school come to see Najma whether she is okay or not."

Our source further adds, "Imran, in the school, goes up to Najma's teacher and asks whether she is okay or not and Najma sees Imran asking her teaching. So she comes up to him and tells him that he could have told her directly instead of asking the teacher. Imran is distributing tennis caps to all the students in the school and it so happens that Najma will not get the cap. Her class mate Afshan who always tries to demoralize Najma taunts her and tells her to use her cap. Seeing this, everyone in the class also start teasing Najma. The entire scene in overseen by Imran and he comes up to Najma and gifts her the tennis cap as a get well soon gift."

"Later, Waqar, Najma's cousin goes up to his Abbu and asks him for a tennis racket which he denies to give him because Waqar is not sure of what sport actually impresses him. Sometimes its cricket, badminton and now Tennis. Hearing this Wakhar will demand for a cap that Najma has if not a tennis racket. That is when everyone in the family learns that it is Imran who gifted Najma the cap and Mariam gets extremely furious on Najma because it was Imran who wanted Najma to get into Tennis. Mariam is unaware of the fact that Imran treated Najma when she was hurt and it was her get well soon gift by him."

Well, as the story unveils, the track gets even more interesting by the day. This will definitely keep the audience hooked to their TV sets.

Keep reading this space for more details on your favorite shows.

Upasana Patel

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CatcherInTheRye 6 years ago awww...poor Imran...i wanna see all three of them together but not
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nicki11 6 years ago Tum Sath Ho Jab Apne seems to be good show and upcoming track sounds good too.
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BinKuchKahe. 6 years ago Isn't it badminton? LOL.
The writer of this article should get her facts right.
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soapbubble 6 years ago Ok, but this is the story for next to next week. Abhi leak ho gaya :(
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MasoomaBukhari 6 years ago this show is sooo awesome Heart and all the actors are doing brilliant performance Big smile
love u so so much barkha Heart u are the queen Heart
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desaiprachi07 9 years ago Acchi cheejen slow hi banti hain to i hope ye bhi accha rahe.
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pranita1202 9 years ago the abs r digitized
in songs n interviews srk looks too skinny .is he recovering from illness or fatigue of post production
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.Dalisay. 9 years ago wow superb!!!!!!!!!! looking forward for this movie. :)))
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aiim 9 years ago expectation from RA 1 are sky high .all the very best.
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..ayaan.. 9 years ago The poster looks really lameStern Smile
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