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Nagesh Bhonsle Joins The Cast of Mere Sai- Shraddha Aur Saburi!

The new track of Mere Sai- Shraddha Aur Saburi would revolve around how Sada Shiv tries to persuade people of Shirdi to do what is mentioned in the Shastras...


Mere Sai- Shraddha aur Saburi has become Sony Entertainment Television’s one of the most prominent shows since it started and has gone on to garner viewers love ever since. Apart from the interesting story line and valuable teachings, the show has always been in the limelight for popular character additions. 

From Ketki Dave to Kishori Godbole, the show will now see ace actor Nagesh Bhonsle join the cast. Actor Nagesh Bhonsle has been a part of many popular Marathi movies like Gallit Gondhal, Dillit Mujra, Goshta Choti Dongraevadhi and many more. He has also made his presence feel in Bollywood through prominent roles in Hindi movies like Billu, Kyun Ki and Shool and was a part of the Hollywood film, ‘Hotel Mumbai’. With his entry in Mere Sai, Nagesh is all set to entertain the viewers through his role of , ‘Sada Shiv’ who is a staunch devotee of God and is quite orthodox in his ways of offering prayers.

The actor described his character as a religious fanatic and very devout in his beliefs. The actor said, “My character in Mere Sai isn’t very devoted to Sai Baba as in the early period of his appearance on the show. The character is an avid follower of the shastras and is adamant about the fact that people in Shirdi are devotees of Sai.” 

The actor added, “My character also tries to persuade people to travel to Kashi and other religious hubs and worship the rather traditional idols of the God that have been a part of the religion for thousands of years.” The actor’s character is very conservative with his ideas about religious beliefs and methods of worship and hence and doesn’t seem comfortable with the practice of people worshiping a live man in Shirdi rather than the traditional Gods.

The new track of the show would revolve around how Sada Shiv tries to persuade people of Shirdi to leave Sai and rather do what is mentioned in the Shastras. He wants people to worship Gods through the idols and in the religious spots rather than believing on the concept of omnipresence of God.

When asked about his feelings on being a part of the popular show the actor said, “I am looking forward to my association with 'Mere Sai- Shraddha aur Saburi'. The show is very popular and shares some very important Sai Baba’s teachings that are relevant even in modern society. The characters of the show are very inspirational too, the characters of Sai Baba, Baija bai and many others are already looked upon very highly and have garnered the love of audiences and being a part of such a show would only help me grow.”


Nagesh Bholse Mere Sai  Sony TV 

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