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Naagin 5 actress Surbhi Chandna says ''I can’t shy away from doing a romantic scene due to the pandemic''

The ongoing pandemic has changed a lot of things, however, it looks like certain things cannot just change because they are a part of the job. Here's what Surbhi Chandna has to say.


The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we perceive entertainment now and also, how films and shows are being made. With all the additional precautions and measures to be followed, it might get a little too much to handle. However, something that also raises a question as far as shootings are concerned is just how can one be sure of doing romantic scenes since social distancing cannot be followed, and it is only the precautions that one can rely on.

Recently, Surbhi Chandna, currently seen in Naagin 5 was quizzed if she had apprehensions about shooting romantic scenes, and about that, she went on to say how TV shows haven’t stopped shooting romantic scenes. However, she did mention how they use sanitizers after every shot and there are temperature checks that happen at regular intervals, among other things. She also spoke about having kadas for immunity and concluded saying how her job demands doing romantic scenes and hence, she cannot shy away from doing them.

The actress was also asked about how does she feel the content has changed during this pandemic. To that, she said, ''The pandemic has changed many things and in the last few months, various viewership patterns have emerged. While mythological shows are the most popular, family dramas and fantasy-fiction genre are also enjoying good viewership.''


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