'My role has shades of Big B of seventies' - Gaurav Chopra

Gaurav Chopra turns grey with his portrayal of an 'Angry Young Man' in Sahara One's Solhah Singaar..

Gaurav Chopra has entered Sahara One’s Solhah Singaar recently where he plays a negative character Shiv Chopra, who is out to ruin Shagun's(Akangsha Ranawat) family. Her father-in-law had ruined his mother's life; hence he is out to seek revenge.

Accordingly, he seeks out Shagun who is sent to jail by her husband Sumer (Sachin Tyagi) on suspicion of murdering her brother-in-law. He gets her out of prison and gives her shelter as well. Both conspire to have the family thrown out from their house and take charge of business too. But it soon emerges that Shagun has not turned bad but is trying to protect her in-laws from Shiv's wrath. He not only wants to destroy them financially, but kill them as well. As it happens with all dailies soap, there will soon emerge a love triangle between Shagun, Shiv and Sumer. Shiv is already beginning to have feelings for her.

However Gaurav does not call his character negative. “He is an angry young man who wants to avenge the wrong done to his mother. I would say it has shades of the Big B of the seventies”, says Gaurav. He goes on, "I agree its not a different role, but i have attempted to play it as diffrently as possible. You will actually want to sympathize with him".

Besides this Sahara One show and Left Right Left, Gaurav also has an important international project (he had earlier acted Blood Diamond) lined up. "It’s too early to say anything. The moment any thing concrete emerges you will be the first to know”, he ends.

Author: Anil Merani

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he was in blood diamond? i never noticed.

15 years ago

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