MY MAN - Celina Jaitley

Myself- in fancy wrapping paper. I don't think he would want anything better.

Q-How would you like to be wooed?
A-Actually, I am tired of being relentlessly wooed. Guys, give me a break.

Q- What would you do if you found that your partner was cheating on you?
A-Begin with a real hard kick and then start thinking of a million ways of making his life really miserable.

Q-Can a man and woman ever have a platonic friendship?
A-Only if the woman is involved in another relationship.

Q-If you liked a particular dude, would you propose to him or wait for him to make the first move?
A-I'd rather wait for his move, belonging to the old school.

Q- What gift would you give your guy?
A- Myself- in fancy wrapping paper. I don't think he would want anything better.

Q-How would you dress on a first date, hot or just pretty?
A-I think I would wear a nice salwar kameez.

Q-Would you want your guy to get into a fist fight if somebody makes a pass at you?
A-Yes, but only when it's absolutely necessary. I don't dig men who keep showing off their brawn for no rhyme or reason.

Q- What if the guy you like turns out to be a gay?
A-Many good-looking guys are turning bisexual. I hope that I don't end up liking a guy who swings both ways. Although sexuality is a very personal choice, I think men should decide — either they are gay or straight. Playing for both sexes is wrong by my standards.

Q- Is marriage meant for keeps?
A- Yes. Both the partners should stick to each other in riches and poverty, sickness and health. It's really beautiful to see some old couples still madly in love with each other.

Q-Among the current crop of young politicians, who do you find the best looking?
A- Omar Abdullah and Rahul Gandhi.


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