'My ideal partner should give and deserve respect' - Payal Sarkar

Payal Sarkar who is presently seen in Sony's Ladies Special talks about her prized possession, strengths and weaknesses and much more...

Describe yourself in one word: Two words actually…adjustable and focused.

The one thing that you never leave home without:
My wallet.

Favorite Accessory: Anything with beads or diamonds.

Favorite Holiday Destination:
Any hill station in the monsoons.

Favorite Film: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Blood Diamond.

Favorite Television Serial:
Love Story.

Favorite Book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I just love the idea propounded by the book that if you desire something with your whole heart, then the entire universe will conspire to get you that.

Favorite Color: Black.

Favorite Cuisine: Chinese and Continental.

Favorite Actor: Shahrukh Khan. Always and forever!! I'm very loyal to him (smiles)

Favorite Actress: Madhuri Dixit.

Your idea of a Perfect Gift: Well, anything given to me with pure love, I accept humbly. But yes I do have my favorites like flowers and books.

Your most prized Possession:
My family.

Your idea of an Ideal Boyfriend: It's simple. He must be trustworthy and should trust me. He must be honest. And he should give and deserve respect.

Your Strengths and Weaknesses:
My strength is the confidence instilled in me by my family. I'm very grateful to my family which has taught me to be independent at all
times. My weakness is that I find it very hard to say no.

Your Future Plans:
I don't plan for my future much. I'm a person who takes life as it comes. I will accept whatever I face in life.  I am a strong believer in destiny. So I put my hundred percent in any assignment and believe that if it's written in my fate it will work out or it won't.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (10)

could not agree with her more on her fav serial..love story was totally amazing i miss it soo much and she's doing amazing in ladies special too :)

14 years ago

awww i just love her
she was GREAT in love story and i am glad she
meantioned it here. and she doing a GREAT job
in ladies special =)

14 years ago

her answers are so nice and sweet
and she is an awesome actor!

14 years ago

hey payal,
i really liked u as rudra, buit abhi wala role in ladies special, i really feel its so difficult to do, doest she get mentally afffected?

14 years ago

She was amazing in Love Story. She is the most real actor I have ever seen. She can match every types of character that can be very boubly typerto very serious or romantic. Like Love Story or Ladies special. Every serial she was flawless.

14 years ago

she was awesome in love story! I loved that school! :)

14 years ago

Shes pretty and a wonderful actress! I like her acting in Ladies Special and whatever little I saw of Waqt and Love Story.
All the best to u, Payal!

14 years ago

Alchemist is my favtst book too, love her :)

14 years ago

Loved her in LS!
She's soo adorable :]]
thx for daa intervieww.

14 years ago

i love shabbir's acting in KAHIN TO HOGA....

15 years ago

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