'My aim now is to be the best playback singer' - Shini Kalvint

The extremely talented Shini Kalvint who got eliminated from Indian Idol last week pours out her feelings in an exclusive chat...

The highly talented Shini Kalvint was heartbroken last Saturday as she was ousted from Indian Idol 4. The small town girl who is very much passionate about singing is extremely disappointed at junta not recognizing good talent..

Here is the singer in an exclusive chit-chat with Telly Buzz on how she feels on getting ousted from Idol..

What are your feelings now after getting eliminated from Idol?
I should have surely been in the Top 5 of Indian Idol, and I am extremely disappointed on losing such a big opportunity of my life. For a girl coming from middle class like me, Indian Idol was a huge platform, and I gave my best performance. But it was so embarrassing to be in the bottom three even after delivering good performances week after week. Today, I feel that all my efforts of fighting my way in the competition are a waste.

Expectation from girls was very high this year, and Sonali ma’m had been rooting for girls. I can only say that I am feeling terrible right now.

How has the journey in Idol been for you?
My journey has been remarkable, and I saw a growth in my singing capabilities. When we reached the Galas we became celebrities, and got all the recognition possible. This Idol experience has made me a better singer and a better person too. I have got more confident now, and I will put to use whatever I have learned for my fight ahead.

What’s your take away from this experience?
The only happiness I have at this moment is that, I achieved what many others here may not be able to achieve. Annuji has promised to give me a song in his movie, and I am very happy for that.

Do you think you being married is one of the reason for you not getting enough votes?
Yes, I do think that people do not want married girls to move ahead in life. Having said that, even Bhavya has been in the bottom with me many a times.

So what do you have to tell the public who are voting?
I request the junta not to go by the looks or personality of a singer. They need to give points to the efforts put in by the singer, on their presentation and singing capabilities. Whether the person is from small town or city, and whether he/she dresses well or not, is not important at all when casting votes. We have some great talents in girls even now. To me, Bhavya is the best singer present in this year’s Idol. I request the public to vote for her, and make her win. Bhavya really deserves to be Indian Idol, and I would be very happy to see Bhavya as the winner.

Which singer has inspired you a lot?
I have always been inspired by Lataji, and I also like the vibrancy in Sunidhi’s voice.

What have you learned from the judges?
I respect all the four judges, and they have been a great support thro’out my journey. Sonali ma’m in particular has urged us a lot in the competition. As I said earlier, I am glad that I have got my first play back opportunity, all thanks to Annuji.

Did you have a word with your family after getting eliminated? What have they to say?
I talked to my husband and my in-laws. They are all really happy that I did well. They are doubly happy for the opportunity I have got thro’ Annuji.

Do you think you lost your momentum in the comedy round?
Yes, when compared to my earlier efforts, this was my weakest. I think I tried to give in much to my performance, which does not come naturally to me. In trying this, I lost a bit of zeal in my singing. But even here, I never went out of my sur.

So what are the plans for your future? Are you going back home?
In fact, when Idol started, I and my husband had shifted to Mumbai. So we will now continue to be here, and this is not the end of everything. What if I am not the Indian Idol, my aim now is to become the best Playback Singer. My husband is a very good tabla player and I have all the support of my in-laws and husband. So I will try even harder now.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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thats nice and sweet


15 years ago

I hate these voting ystems...
always ousting the good ones..........
I coudlnt believe Shiuni got out..
thought she would have gotten atleats to the top 5!

best of luck to her!!!!

15 years ago

good luck!!!!!!! shini
i thought u would be in top 5
best of luck:)

15 years ago

she was excellent, can''t believe she was eliminated! i really don''t know what the junta is thinking... doesn''t look like they are voting for the best singer... like always!


15 years ago

yarr i liked dis girl...was mah fav...i even liked tullika nd noe she''s also out..!!!

15 years ago

it doesn''t mean everyone votes wrong that''s a insult to me

15 years ago

its my husband and I not I and my husband

15 years ago

Thanks...... she really desvered to stay......Good Luck

15 years ago

Good Luck to you Shini!!
I too thaught that she would be in Top 5..
I love her voice..
people like Remo and Bhanu needs to be out from Indian Idol 4.
I am highly disappointed..:''(
We all know that you will go very far!!!!!
Best of Luck Shini!!

15 years ago

I personally loved her voice and I feel bad that such a talent person has not been recognised by the junta...... hope she does become a playback singer.... gud luck!

15 years ago

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