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Lady Black
Lady Black 2007-09-08T21:26:19Z I can't say I feel the same way, since I have not even seen Aag. Nor do I plan to anytime soon, I liked Sholay and from what I've seen Aag will be just like the previews....nothing compared to Sholay and just another boring Ram Gopal Varma flick,; filled with violence, bad language, and item numbers with scantily clad girls, who people call actresses. Sometimes they are talented actresses, if so why are they reducing themselves to his kind of work?

Interesting article, just goes to prove that remakes are not always the best choice.

~Lady Black~
tumhari? 2007-09-05T16:27:19Z not suprised expected that thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
priyapiya 2007-09-05T12:34:19Z no comment
i wasn't even too interested in the movie Aag....
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