Muniya defuses confrontation!

As secret outings continue, Muniya plays it smart...

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Muniya's secret outing with Aakash (Abhishek Rawat) has left Rajmata in a state of worry. But before the tension sets into Sony TV's Dekha Ek Khwaab, there comes another secret outing in the show.

A source informs, "Once again after Muniya reaches home, Muniya's sister plans a coy, where she sends a text message to Akaash to meet him at a particular place. Akaash, reading this message reaches the spot. And that is where he learns that Muniya (Priyal Gor) is actually with Udayveer (Ashish Kapoor)."

" Knowing this Akaash secretly tries to meet Muniya, where he asks her about the text message that she had sent. But Muniya denies, confessing that she is illiterate and can't read or write. Nevertheless, it becomes an opportunity for them to meet. As Muniya and Akaash happily enjoy 'Pani Puri', Udayveer reaches the spot and starts blasting Akaash. Just to avoid the confrontation between the two, Muniya bad mouths Akaash so that Udayveer feels that she doesn't love Akaash anymore. Muniya leaves with Udayveer, giving a sly wink to Akaash."

All our efforts to reach Priyal Gor were in vain while Abhishek Rawat refused
to reveal the secrets.

Are you ready to experience another outing of Muniya-Akaash?

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Sharat Kumar

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Yurisung 5 years ago we want dekha ek khwaab season 2 with sam cast ashish nd priyal plzzz
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LizBennet 8 years ago It's funny this confrontation was not technically defused. Manyata just kind of said she would go. LOL, but man DEK has changed from that episode to where it is currently. It's just wow, how far this show has come from January to May. A sea of a difference! Gotta hand it to the CVs, really awesome storyline!
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Brotati 8 years ago I really hate you akash !!! urf abhishek rawat... plz manyata ko udayveer k sath rehne do...
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filmyprincess 9 years ago "~kabse? Jaan-e-mann dil hain aapka! ~

:))) ~ ak dear kaise kahein farah ko aapse kitani mohabbat hai...? ...~

Good morning! Have a rocking day ak dear! Love u as uday ! I cant wait to see uv! I hope komal aunty doesnt ruin monu nd uv friendship :(((...

Ak dear dont think i forgot nikhu...hehe love him 2! Par nikhu on weekends and uday har pal har ghadi...lolz :))) actually uday on weekdays niku on weekends...and

U ak dear har ghadi har pal, har second,har moment,only u :))))))) hehe ♥
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-Niha- 9 years ago To be honest i don't rly like watching aakash-manyata outings coz all they do is stare like theyve nvr met eachother b4. i'd rather like to watch ManVeer outings then aakash-manyata. Anywayz thank you for the posts Smile
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SugarDream 9 years ago Please no more Akash-Moniya. I want Udayveer and Manyata. I love Uday. He is the reason I watch the show!!!

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livelaughlove78 9 years ago I am sick and tired of the whole Akaash-Moniya thing (he just looks to old for her her)
Uday on the other hand is perfect
as Stefen said in vampire Dairies "IN ORDER TO DEFEAT A VILLAIN YOU HAVE TO BE THE BETTER VILLAIN" and that is UDAY-Manyata for you<3<3<3
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bscl 9 years ago I hope & wish for the ratings of DEK to go higher and higher.
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nancy_zb94 9 years ago Please no more Akaash-Moniya. I want Udayveer and Manyata. I love Uday. He is the reason I watch the show!!!2012-01-12 05:01:27
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RadhapriyaG_01 9 years ago I dont want to see Akash with Manyata. She looks good with Uday, please change Abhishek- he's dull, if not show less of him especially those boring moments when him nd manyata look @ each other. OH, and show much much more of Udayveer - luv him...TO da people who r makin dis soapie- u beter get ManVeer 2gether, or url r goin down!
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