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Munisha Khatwani predicts for actresses- Part 2

Part 2 of Munisha Khatwani's predictions of popular actress of Tellydom...


Before we go ahead with Part 2 of Munisha Khatwani's predictions of actresses, Telly Buzz would like to thank all the readers for their immense response.

We hope you will enjoy Part 2 as much as you enjoyed Parta 1.

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Drashti Dhami (10th Janurary): She has a good ruling planet, the Sun; but she needs to be careful of stomach related problems as this might be an issue for her. Her sun will give her fame and name and it will get better from July. Her show will remain popular in spite of changes and even if the show goes off air, she will get regular work. She will be very fussy regarding her partner in life.

Kritika Kamra (25th October): She will remain popular and will have a huge fan following, thanks to her show. She is quite sure about all her decisions, be it personal or professional, and even I see a lot of money and fame for her for the future.

Ankita Lokhande (19th December): She is born lucky and she will be a star for a long time. Her show has made her very popular, and now that she is on the verge of marrying another star, this will strengthen her stardom. Her Jupiter is very strong which gives her fame world wide. Her good period is on.

Sukirti Kandpal (20th November): Her Moon is well placed, but it took a while for it to become strong. Her fame has increased a lot with her current show and she will marry within two years. She is meant to have a love marriage and might get into a relationship soon if she is not in one already.

Ragini Khanna (9th December): She is one of destiny's child and the last one year has been the golden period in her life. Her Mars is highly powerful at the moment which is helping her a lot. She might have to tackle some hidden enemies in the month of June, but thanks to her current fame, she will always be in demand. Marriage is a bit late for her.

Sanaya Irani (17th September): Again a girl who has worked very hard to achieve her fame. She had struggled for a while as her Saturn makes her fight for her career success. Now her time is much better and will return soon on TV with a new show. She will be happy in her personal life. However due to her Saturn, she needs to be patient for certain things to work out in her life.

Soumya Seth (17th October): There is a conflict in her stars, between her Venus and her Saturn. Her Venus is well placed which helps her in career but her Saturn might pull her back at times. She needs to do Shani Puja for the obstacles to be removed in her career. In a few months time her stars would improve.

Jannat (29th August): She will be very popular as a child artiste as we all know. There might be a gap of a few years as she grows up but will eventually be back into the media field. Her Moon makes her very creative and helps her shed all her inhibitions. She will be appreciated for her performance even in the future. Her interest, however, will reduce in studies as she will be more drawn to the entertainment field.

Shilpa Anand (10th December): She should stick to television as it will suit her more than films. Her Sun planet is strong, but not strong enough for the fame in films. She will get good offers in TV and the tarot advises to consider them. She is moody and will stick with what she feels is right, in a sense it is difficult to influence her.

PS: All predictions are based on Tarot and are subject to change as ones chart and planetary transits.

Here we come to the end of Munisha Khatwani's series of predictions on popular shows, actors and actresses of the industry. Hope you all had a fun read.

Inputs By: Munisha Khatwani
Compiled By: Saranya Valsarajan


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