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Mugdha Chapekar's slam book!

TellyBuzz brings to you the Sunday Celebrity Slam Book section with Mugdha Chapekar…

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Pretty Mugdha Chapekar, who is essaying the character of Arushi in Zee TV's Satrangi Sasural, spared some time to answer our slam book questions.

Birthday: 24th March.

Nickname: I don't have any nick name but my college friends call me Barbie.

Sun Sign: Aries.

Hometown: Mumbai.

Describe yourself: I am a very happy person who likes to see happiness around. I love to smile, no matter what. I like to have positive people and good things around me. I like to stay away from dishonest people. I feel honesty is an extremely important thing that a person should carry.  

Strengths: My parents, they make me stronger.

Weakness: My parents; the person whom we love the most becomes our weakness too. Chocolates are my weakness too, it can easily make me happy.

What can easily impress you: A good sense of humor and the way a person talks.

You are crazy about: Movies, chocolates, bags and perfumes. I have a fetish for bags and perfumes.  

Hobbies: Reading, listening to music and watching movies.

A cloud 9 moment for you: I was shooting for Prithviraj Chauhan day and night in Baroda and I was doing up and down daily. I couldn't study the whole year but still I topped my University exams. I was felicitated for that.

Do you believe in destiny: Yes, I do believe in destiny and God. Good will come to you, if you will do good.

Song you're humming these days: I love you till the end from PS I love you.

Any TV show you follow: Satrangi Sasural and Tom and Jerry.

An unforgettable day of your life: Recently, I was invited in my school as a guest for the Annual Day Function. It's the place where I have lived my childhood and have grown up. I can never forget the moment the way my Principal welcomed me. We were crying. She told me that she is feeling proud to welcome her own student as a celebrity guest. That moment means a lot to me; much more than any award function. I am very attached to my school and college.

Describe your daily routine in short: I wake up in the morning, then get ready and go for my shoot. I shoot for the whole day and do lots of masti with my co-stars. I eat a lot, especially these days I am having lots of chocolates. I come back home, I watch my episodes, eat and then go to sleep. I love being busy. If I will get some time in between, then I watch my episodes on Youtube, I follow India-Forums, watch Video Mixes made by my fans. I want them to make more VMs as I love them.

What's your favorite pass time on the sets: I like to read or I discuss my scenes with Ravish (Ravish Desai).

Your favorite hangout places in Mumbai: I like to visit Marine Drive and various Pav Bhaji joints in Mumbai especially Amar Juice Centre.  

Craziest fan encounter so far: I would like share one touching fan encounter that happened while I was doing Prithviraj Chauhan. A woman came to me and told me that her grandfather watches the show. I spoke to her grandfather on phone and he told me that the real Sanyogita wouldn't have been as beautiful as you are. He was an old man and I was really touched to hear his words. I can never forget that.

I also remember that one of my co-actors once told me that he saw a Rickshaw in Madhya Pradesh which had lots of pictures of mine. The rickshaw wala didn't even know my real name but still he told that he likes my work in the show.

The best compliment ever received: People say that my smile is very genuine and I smile from my heart. My smile reflects my nature. People say that happiness is there and the environment becomes extremely positive when I am around. 

Your inspiration: My parents and God.

You are incomplete without: There are lots of things without which I am incomplete like, Movies, people around me and my fans whose feedback matter a lot to me. I am incomplete without my fans.

Message to your fans: I have received lots of good feedback from fans. I am sure that you all are happy to have me back after I made you all wait for 2 years. Keep watching and loving the show as more twists await. I work for my fans.

Anwesha Kamal

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Vaidehi_1924 6 years ago perfect answers..(y)
Ur answers reflect Ur down to earth & true by heart !!
I read Ur recent interview in "Dainik Jagran" last saturday..& now to read about U :)
All d very best Mugdha Chaphekar.. diii :)
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SamW92 6 years ago I love Mugdha so so so very much. Her smile is like a sparkle ! I've made her picture my desktop & mobile wallpaper. Lots of love...!
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OmkaraKiParvati 6 years ago Perfectly playing the role of Arushi. I dnt think any other actress can play the role as perfectly as you.. But plz do another historical or mythological show na.. Plz.. We are waiting to see our Princess in a Princess outfit again :D
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down
larki_punjaban 6 years ago again faltoo charcaters and faltoo serial...

why dont u do shera type roles?
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--geny-- 6 years ago love u Mugdha...i love ur Smile a lottt u so much
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Renu111 6 years ago I know ur passion for bags bt for perfumes its new to me.Thanks for this slam book.. like deepika said i too miss MuRat!! You r lovely princess mugdha chaphekar.God bless u.
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munyr123 6 years ago Mugdha I am your fan since the days of PRC. Your college friends rightly call you Barbie as you are cute like Barbie and Princess. It was good to know more about you. Your personality is inspiring.
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Z.Samrin 6 years ago Loved your answers di! Thank you India forums for this lovely interview! Love you di!

Mugdha Chaphekar rocks!!
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surbhi1009 6 years ago love uu diii love ur answers :D Mugdha chaphekar rocks ..satrangi sasurall :))))))))))
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OmkaraKiParvati 6 years ago She is the most lovliest actress. She is friendly, cute, kind and is very cute too :D Satrangi Sasural is doing well and so is Mugdha who is playing Arushi.. Mussing MuRat (Rajat-Mugdha) too loads.. Love you loads Di :D
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