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MTV Stunt Mania loses a Finalist even before Finale..

The final stunt war of MTV Stunt Mania Reloaded will now be between two Finalists, after the third finalist succumbed to injuries while doing a stunt..

'Pulsar MTV Stunt Mania Reloaded' – The Himalayan Challenge that had started on 24th July this year with the stunt academy set in Manali, hosted by Anushkha Manchanda, winner of Fear Factor and biggest stunt guru Allan Amin has now boiled down to its Top three contestants, However, there is a sad news for viewers, as one of the Finalists has been injured quite badly.

According to our source "The shoot which happened in Manali saw the Top three finalists getting selected in Tony, Strake and Babar. With the shoot for the Grand Finale yet to happen, Tony finds himself indiposed. He banged his head severely while performing a stunt, and is now addmitted to the Chandigarh Hospital. He is on the road to recovdry, but might not be able to participate in the Finale".

We hear that the finals will now be between Strake and Babar. Though Tony's absence will be felt at the finale, watching the sporting spirit and stunts of other two contestants would be equally  thrilling.

As we wish Tony a speedy recovery, we hope the best Stunt Man wins the ultimate battle!!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Pooja Shenoy


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Pulsar_maniac 10 years ago The top two finalists are Babar and SHARIQ and NOT 'Strake'! How the hell is Strake????

At least get the finalists' names right!
digitalone 33
digitalone 33 10 years ago I love this season tooo
soo awesome stunts they doo too rocking

But TONY must have take care.............
Ishan. 10 years ago Gosh are these people mad to participate in such a show where no preference is given to the participant's safety ??
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