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Mrs. Kaushik Ke Paanch Bahuyein to launch on 20th June

Mrs. Kaushik Ke Paanch Bahuyein gets its launch date..

Zee TV and Rashmi Sharma Telefilms' Mrs. Kaushik Ke Paanch Bahuyein is all set to launch on TV from 20th June.

According to our source, "The promo of the show has been on air for quite some time, and the show has been in its making stage for many months now. The unit has ultimately got their launch date for the show. It will occupy the slot left vacant  by Sanjog Se Bani Sangini. As of now, the channel is airing Pavitra Rishta and Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori Ram Milaayi Jodi for a duration of 45 minutes each".

With this move, Zee TV will launch two of its shows,  Shobha Somnath Ki and Mrs. Kaushik Ke Paanch Bahuyein on June 20th..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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saaniya2 9 years ago looking fwd to see the charisma of gavie, all the best MKK5B
shirishmehta222 9 years ago Writers team of Mukti bandhan deserve our kudos for powerful dialogues which make the artists' work easier.
Laila2009 9 years ago Sounds disastrous. I cannot imagine the storyline for this show is going to be so juvenile. I've seen the rubbish that is aired on Zeetv and even with two lead characters they cannot write a show that maintains my interest. I cannot image what they're going to show here. The lead actor looks like a wimp and nothing great to look at - so no eye candy here. The show is nothing but a rehash of the saas-bahu stuff we consistently see on Zeetv. I am yawning just looking the promos.
l-NiklausFan-l 9 years ago Bhagonwali is a huge fan following show. Please don't end this show.
imdudehead 9 years ago the shows first promo seemed good, and interesting it looked fresh, but the second promo ...made it look like it was already done..
-Nirvana- 9 years ago @Natasha Yes I think Harish Mukul is acting in this show,well so it seems
@Darine IKR!!! This show is gonna start so late and they took of Sangini a month berfore the show actually started!! I love Zee Tv but this is CRAP!!!!!
I love Gunjhun <3 mwah2011-06-20 19:00:03
cynthia32 9 years ago I agree with one of the comments below. Bhagonwali is the best and most unique show on Zee TV and I want it to air for a really long time :)
munam_13 9 years ago Bhagonwali is one awesome show.. I dont care which show comes in air I just dont want this unique show to end
princessRock776 9 years ago whose in this show? I hope its Madhur from Agle Janam
OmaRamdass 9 years ago And they want to end bhagonwali to bring another show that still not going to make sense. all zee is doing is bringing nonsense shows and ending the ones that are doing well
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