Mrs Kaushik agrees to Karthik-Lovely marriage...

Zee TV's Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein to see an interesting twist in the coming episodes...

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After her previous attempt, Lovely (Ragini Nandwani) is all set with another plan to finally marry Karthik (Mukul Harish) in Zee TV's Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein .

We hear that Lovely will leave a letter for her parents saying that she is going to elope with Karthink and will finally marry him.

A source explains about the track, "After Lovely's parents get hold of the letter; they will directly barge into Karthik's house and will blame Karthik for their daughter going missing. Mrs Kaushik (Vibha Chhibber), who never wanted Lovely to be her daughter in law, will declare that Karthik will marry lovely if he is proved guilty."

"Both the families will succeed in spotting Karthik and Lovely in a temple. A shocker blows up Mrs Kaushik after Karthik takes the blame on him to save Lovely after which she will have to agree for the marriage", adds the source.

TellyBuzz tried contacted both the actors but they could not be reached.

Will Karthik and Lovely's marriage be a turning point in the life of Mrs Kaushik? Let's wait and see.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair   

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shaina1 9 years ago this show reminds me of the dark ages. it is absolutely ridicuolous. seriously the old lady has perfect daughter in laws but she wants them to be 1920s status and be her slaves.
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shwetha85 9 years ago OMG!! Finally Maa sa agreed for their marriahe..Cannot wait for their marriage..This show is very lovely and lively just like our Lovely. This show might be appealing to fewer audience but I am pretty sure whoever watches this show absolutely loves and enjoys...Everybody's choices are different thats why we all are different people. Kindly do not criticize.
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shivani003 9 years ago Guys please! Stick with the point of the article and just ignore the haters warna unecessarily we will be giving them attention.

Anyway good to hear they are not dragging the marriage track and wedding bells will be ringing soon.
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rajh 9 years ago looks good.waiting for this story to unfold.
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HaHaHeHe-Hupp 9 years ago @sonjogl. Oh to say that rubbish , i would have to take right from court? Its just only show not that more important thing which could not be bashed. Ofcourse i m least interested watching such shows which went outa mind and are time wasting .

In regards to my comments why i made. I just wanted to raise ranks of these unknown celebs included in this article. I m sure ,my three comments would certainly help those stars to have good ranks .u rather should thank to me to leave positive views in such desolate article wherein even fans of such show not paying attention.
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SportsFreak 9 years ago @vikrant sonit,if you dont like the show you have no right to call it rubbish.If the show is not interesting to you then why are you bothering to comment here.If you are not interested then dont bother it doesnt take a rocket scientiest to figure that out
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_Sahra_ 9 years ago Thank goodness . I love this Jodi!!!!2011-08-08 12:18:07
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HaHaHeHe-Hupp 9 years ago @ angadkripa .if u are so sensitive to bear my comment .plz ignore that rather than leaving sarcastic comment to me. Who are u to stop me from saying that. I said what is true. I dont like watching that rubbish show.
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Riyaa147 9 years ago Awesome news...can't wait to actually see it :)
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-Nirvana- 9 years ago Omg!!!!!!! How cool is this!!!!! Who in a milllion years would think Mrs K will agree to Karthik-Lovely's marrige?Lovely lying finally helped her succed big can't wait for the upcoming epis and KarLy's marrige... all the best MKKPB2011-08-08 11:19:51
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