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'Moving to cinema is a natural conclusion for any actor' - Eijaz Khan

The dashing favorite of masses, Eijaz Khan is all set to take films and Bollywood more seriously.If this is good news for all, then please check the bad news right here...

Published: Tuesday,Oct 16, 2007 08:38 AM GMT-06:00
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For all you Eijaz Khan fans, there is good and bad news. First the good news,your favorite star has signed one more film ie Dharmesh Darshan's Bhanvraa – Love & Aggression.. His debut film, Meerabai not out, opposite Mandira Bedi is also awaiting release. Now the bad news, as with all tv stars, who migrate to big screen, he too will not do tv any more.

So what's your character in Bhanvraa – " I play a very intense guy called Kabir in this film, which also has fellow tv stars , Shweta Salve, Sangeeta Ghosh, Manav Gohil as the other main leads. The moment Dharmesh ji offered me this role, I jumped at it, as its very close to my heart. Infact you can see shades of Eijaz in it."

But do you think quitting tv is right? "I cant do both. Anyways, moving to cinema is a natural conclusion for any actor. And if thing don't do well here, I can always come back", said he.

Last but not the least, come clean about your relationship with Anita. Recent press reports have suggested that you have fallen apart? . "What ever is happening is between both of us only. And when I don't discuss this with my dad, why somebody else?"

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Sangita @sangitadas 15 years ago It definitely was a rude comment to make on Ismail Darbar's part. People voted for Aneek and so he won. If people had voted more for Raja or Amanat, then they would have won in turn.

How exactly did the voting process turn into a humbug? Surely after last year, when ID's protege Debojit won. Otherwise that win would also be attributed to a humbug voting process by others, when in reality people voted for Debojit and co.
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Leena @jigglypuff726 15 years ago if i was in aneek's place, i would be pretty pissed at ismail's talks too.

wow.. aneek seems to have got a busy schedule. i hope sumi accompanies him along with amanat for the world tour.
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ta33 @ta33 15 years ago He had a dream to work with Himesh when he was a CHILD?!!!!?
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DON't-ASK-IT @Sara_DONT_ASK 15 years ago All the best to eijoo baby...:$ hope both his films are big hits...!!!

Sad though that he wont be doing tv any more=((...!!!
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Noori Khan @CrazyNoori 15 years ago wish eijaz all da best for both his filmz and i cant wait to c wahoooooooooooooo and i agree wid em if he don discuss wid his dad y discuss wid sumbody else GOOOOOO EIJ GOOO
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Rabia @KripAngad4ever 15 years ago ohh mann i wanna see eijoo on tv...but i'll see him in movies thts better!
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Jenni @prettyasjen 15 years ago Thanks alot for the article!
Im so proud of Eijaz... and wish him all the best
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Yuvika @Yuvika_15 15 years ago well hpe things work out...oh i wish he has answered the last question abt anita...
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b_queen @b_queen 15 years ago well all the best 2 him nd others..luking 4ward to it
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AngelsEyes @angels_eyes 15 years ago all the best to him
hope to see him back on tv very soon
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