"Mouni Roy and I bonded over movies, philosophy, food & travel" - Anjumm Sharma on working with her

Sharma found not just a co-star but also a friend in Mouni Roy.

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Anjumm Sharma and Mouni Roy

Actor Anjumm Sharma became the person to watch out for when he made an appearance as Sharad Shukla in Mirzapur Season 1. However, it was in Mirzapur Season 2 that Sharma finally had the chance to be one of the primary characters. It had been a while since Sharma appeared in anything else, but now has one of the biggest and most ambitious shows set to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar in the form of Sultan of Delhi.

The show, created by Milan Luthria, is set to premiere on 13 October 2023. And while working on the show, Sharma found not just a co-star but also a friend in Mouni Roy. On the occasion of Roy's birthday a few days ago, Sharma shared some fascinating insights about their bond during the show.

Anjumm explained, “In the midst of shooting action sequences and other intense scenes extensively in ‘Sultan Of Delhi’, working with Mouni was the sweetest experience for me on the show. She brings so much fun, warmth and humility with her. With the kind of work experience she has behind her, she is professional, dedicated and spontaneous as an actor.”

“We (he and Mouni) shot a number of scenes together, and every time, our off-screen friendship grew stronger. Often, our areas of conversation off-screen used to be movies, philosophy, food, fitness and travel. She has a tremendous presence, which was accentuated by her costumes in the show, which made her look beautiful and elegant. She had found a deep connection in her portrayal of Nayantara, her character in the show,” he adds.  

Recalling a memorable incident from the set, Anjumm shared, “One day, while shooting at a location filled with parrots, the ambience and the sound of the parrots added a layer of charm and beauty to the scene. As we delivered our lines, the background was filled with the sounds of these parrots.” 

"Director Milan Luthria pays exceptional attention to detail," Sharma added. "We had to shoot a scene at sunset, so Mouni and I rehearsed it earlier in the day at the same location with Milan Sir. When the golden hour arrived, we performed the scene seamlessly. There are more beautiful sequences we've shot, and I'm excited to share them once the show is released," he concluded.

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