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Most Cherished Summer Holidays!!

The one holiday which is difficult to forget and you want to cherish it all your life!! Here are Shweta Gulati, Karnvir Bohra, Karan Wahi, Chaitanya,Mihika and Jhanvi Cheddha sharing their most memorable holiday experience with Telly Buzz...

Published: Sunday,May 25, 2008 11:07 AM GMT-06:00
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Most Cherished Summer Holidays!!

"Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer; the same summer where they complained about the heat”…

A Holiday means “A general leave of absence from a regular occupation for rest or recreation”!! Well, holidays can get adventurous, sometimes dramatic, comical at times and life-changing too, whether it be a trip to the jungle safari, hill station, your native place etc… So how about sharing your most cherished summer holiday here? Get going friends, as we have with us our telly stars too giving us an insight to their experience of one such memorable holiday experience which can never be erased from their memory!!

Let’s hear it from them as we sing along the song, “Nagme Hai Shikve Hai Kisse Hai Baatein Hai….Baatien Bhool Jaati Hai Yaadein Yaad Aati Hai”…..

Shweta Gulati:

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Most Cherished Summer Holidays!!
Few years back, I had been with my sister for a trip to Goa and that is the first time that I got to bond with my sister who is seven years younger to me. But that trip is etched in our memory for another reason too, which can also be called as a mishap! One night, my sister got completely drunk and she was on an uncontrollable high when a group of localities came to her, started dancing with her. All of a sudden, a verbal fight started between her and the boys and I found it really hard to control her. Being the only two girls in the midst of boys, I got a shock of my life, but finally I managed to drag my sister from there. That was the day when I realized that my little sister had grown big!!

Karnvir Bohra:

Most Cherished Summer Holidays!!
Summer holidays have always been nice for me as we used to make a trip to our native place. In the scorching heat, I used to play with all the sweat dropping from my forehead and enjoyed every moment of it. Today, if I think back, I really wonder how I managed to put up with the heat and still continue playing. I and my sister used to wait for my cousins to finish their exams so that we all have a gala time together.. Those days were real fun…

Karan Wahi:

Most Cherished Summer Holidays!!
My most cherished summer holiday has to be my trip to Mauritius and Manali where I enjoyed a lot with my family. On one such holiday, I tried my hand at water sports for the first time. I remember it to this day because I was very much scared to get near water, but managed to sport my way thro’.. When we got back home, I was hospitalized and was not well for three months. Well, that was a kind of anti climax to the fun I had at my vacation, but all was great!!

Chaitanya Chaudhury:

Most Cherished Summer Holidays!!
Three years back, I accompanied by my cousins went for a week long trip to Pune where we enjoyed a lot. I just cannot think of taking even a two day trip now owing to my hectic schedule.. I cherish every moment we spent there; we boys used to have loads of fun and when we came back tired, my cousin sisters would be ready with hot and energetic food. We used to roam around all night and it was real fun!!

Jhanvi Cheddha:

Most Cherished Summer Holidays!!
Summer holidays meant a lot to me, as we used to travel a lot during our holidays. We have traveled so much that I do not remember any specific place right now. But I do remember one trip of mine to Lonavala where I tried trekking for the first time ever. That trip has been the most adventurous trip for me till date.

Mihika Verma:

Most Cherished Summer Holidays!!
When I was nine years old, we all went to my uncle’s place in Delhi. He was in the army, so we stayed in their quarters. We used to always see peacocks around us and visualize its beauty. Once while I was playing with my sister in the terrace, we noticed that a peacock had got its legs stuck to the roof and it was struggling to get out. Usually, the peacocks never like to be touched, but we helped it. It was a very memorable moment in our life..

Concept: Nishtha
Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Nishtha, Srividya Rajesh
Banner: Shagun

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Nupur @MaYur_AbhiSh 12 years ago love karan bohra and shweta gulati
both r so cute
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Prachi Kejriwal @p4prachi 15 years ago Wow! Loved Shweta and Karan's memories! Long time since they've shared a common article!
And Karan's pic is ultra cute! =) =)
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ADITI @-aditi- 15 years ago every1 has sweet yaadein of their wonderfull holidays:)
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Super Kool
Suvarna @Super Kool 15 years ago thanx.ya few days bak i was in goa. Night outs in goa r actually scary.
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shubha @GetbusyLiving 15 years ago thank u so so much for shweta and karan's interview in the same article...shweta's is def scary. weirdly same thing happened with my friends at goa...goa has becum quite a scary place i guess
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yipee @yipee 15 years ago aww i really miss having summer holidays
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aashni @animateash 15 years ago woowowoww love swheta and karan's interviewww
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aparna @aparna_1988 15 years ago thanksa lot shweta and karanin a sme artice after long time
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Natalie Abraham @-DulceMaria- 15 years ago Thanks for Shweta's interview:)
her experience is scary:$
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