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Most Amazing Moments - New Season on National Geographic

Witness the extraordinary captured on camera with Nat Geo's Most Amazing Moments .National Geographic Channel premieres a brand new season of Most Amazing Moments starting June 18 @ 10 pm

Published: Tuesday,Jun 12, 2007 10:58 AM GMT-06:00
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This summer, National Geographic Channel promises to take you on a roller coaster ride of
Most Amazing Moments  - New Season on National Geographic
extreme danger and thrill with a brand new season of Most Amazing Moments, premiering on Monday, June 18 (Monday to Friday) @ 10 pm. The ten-part series is a collection of the most shocking, exhilarating, and awe-inspiring events captured on film.

Most Amazing Moments takes you to every corner of the globe with startling new footage, breathtaking scenes and rarely seen events. From feasting predators to remarkable rescues and dramatic displays of nature's wrath – these are the scenes that take our breath away, the shots that keep us spellbound. So strap yourself in for a wild ride!

Speaking about the series, Rajesh Sheshadri, Vice President - Marketing, National Geographic Channel, India said, "For decades, National Geographic has captured the imagination of the world with spectacular imagery and through this series we present some of the most astounding footage ever captured on film. With a truly phenomenal line up, we are looking at promoting this series innovatively not only on-air but also through various off-air activities thus giving it a 360 degree approach".

Most Amazing Moments includes the following action-packed episodes:

Most Daring Moments, Monday, 18 June: Get ready for some of the most daring moments ever captured on tape - from death defying rescues on land, air and sea, to predators unexpectedly becoming prey. Meet people who take incredible risks and live to tell the tale. We'll put you face to face with animals who surprise even the experts - and bring you astounding rituals that stretch the phrase 'no pain no gain' to the limit.

Most Astounding Moments – Tuesday, June 19: From surviving disaster on land, air and sea, to filming a volcano's bubbling lake at exactly the right moment – these are the most astounding moments. From animals that were saved in the nick of time, to rites and rituals that push endurance to the extreme.

Most Astonishing Moments – Wednesday, June 20: You're about to see some of the most incredible moments ever filmed - from people and animals teetering on the brink of disaster to the daring filmmakers who risk their lives to take pictures. Witness the surprising hunting techniques of some wild animals and meet everyday people who just love to tempt fate. And see the chilling moments when people come face to face with the great white shark.

Most Amazing Moments Thursday, June 21 (Part 1); Friday, June 22 (Part 2): Amazing Moments is a dazzling countdown of the most shocking, exhilarating, and awe-inspiring events ever captured on film. From killer frogs to a hurricane in the house, from a mile-high freefall to the jaws of an angry shark, it takes viewers on a heart-pounding adventure, where surprises lurk around every corner and a brush with death is worth the thrill of feeling alive.

Most Amazing Close Encounters – Monday, June 25: Get ready for close encounters of the amazing kind - surprising moments when predator meets prey - man meets animal and people look death in the face - in some of the most incredible scenes ever captured on film. Meet people who get up close and personal with rats - giant squid - and swarms of stinging bees.

Most Amazing Moments  - New Season on National Geographic
Most Dangerous Moments – Tuesday, June 26: They're the scenes that take our breath away - the shots that keep you spellbound - real moments of extraordinary danger - amazingly, captured on film. Welcome to Danger! - A heart-stopping episode of National Geographic's Most Amazing Moments.

Most Extreme Moments – Wednesday, June 27: They're the scenes that shock and amaze us - the moments when people and predators push themselves to the limit… and beyond - all amazingly, captured on film. Get ready for Going to Extremes, a heart-pumping episode of Most Amazing Moments.

Most Thrilling Moments – Thursday, June 28: How do you get your thrills? In the quest for that heart-pumping adrenaline rush, some go to any lengths - and you won't believe what happens to them. Hold on tight! These are the most amazing moments of awesome daring ever caught on film.

Monster Croc – Friday, June 29: Do giant crocodiles really exist? One man is prepared to travel to the ends of the earth to find out… Some 30 years ago in Papua New Guinea, crocodile biologist Romulus Whitaker measured the skin of a record-breaking Salt Water Crocodile at just over 20 foot.

So get ready for some real life thrills and adventures, with adrenalin pumping live action unfolding on your screen only on Nat Geo's 'Most Amazing Moments'.
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illuminated. @illuminated. 16 years ago I cant reallyy watch it bcz of the timings in HK :(

Thankx alott!
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Gracella @TrustYourSelf 16 years ago amazing!!! i'm only watching these shows sometimes!
But it's interesting!!!

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Anishma mahabier @anishma24 16 years ago very interesting article~! but i must admit never wtached this show!!
its a shame i know!
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Kruthika @CarulinaTina 16 years ago Wow, sounds really cool... wonderful article.
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Hima @j&b84 16 years ago thks for the infor this is indeed amazing moments. should surely watch them.
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