Monsoon talks with Neha Sargam!

Rainy season for me is happy as well as annoying - shares Neha talking about her monsoon experience and memories.

Monsoon is the season that is loved by all for its scenic beauty that is seen. But most of the time it turns out to be annoying too, as it causes hurdles in the lives of people, especially the ones who are traveling during the rainy season. We have with us the very lovely Neha Sargam seen on Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki, she talks about her love for monsoon, her trips during monsoon and much more. 

Let's have a look on what she said...

Rainy season for me is: sometimes happy and sometimes annoying. 

Precautions that I take during Monsoon: I mainly take care when I use car. I don't use central lock in car and also keep a rod inside during monsoons. These are just to make sure that if in case I am stuck inside my car during heavy rain I will have a way out.

My memories related to Monsoons: I without falling in Rainy would not do, as I dance a lot in rain and at same time tend to even fall that much. 

My favorite visit during Monsoon:  My Balcony and courtyard is the best place to be in during monsoon.

Must carry things in Monsoon: Umbrella, rainy boots and extra pair of clothes. 

My monsoon music: any bollywood rain song.

My monsoon special khaana: Maggi and I miss it terribly. 

My monsoon tip for the readers: Just enjoy the rain and who gets annoy try to avoid it.

Aakruti Damani

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Waiting for the wedding plans/news Neil Bhatt and Neha Sargam

8 years ago

Neha Sargam, you were brilliant as Diya in today's episode. Well done. It was great to some of the old Diya back.

8 years ago

Neha Sargam u were fabulous in today's episode I love you

8 years ago

Wishing Diya good luck in her upcoming court case. Neha Sargam, you are brilliant as Diya Tiwari.

8 years ago

Want more interviews of u regarding ur likes dislikes want to know more n more about you love you Neha Sargam

8 years ago

Love your article Neha Sargam. Keep rocking...

8 years ago

You are doing good neha keep it up, nice article

8 years ago

I was so happy seeing the way you expressed your supressed anger and then blew it on those goon with slaps. Wow. Love you Neha Sargam and your pairing with Kunal Karan Kapoor.

8 years ago

Neha Sargam, what an amazing performance yesterday. Diya was simply outstanding.

8 years ago

Neha sargam U r doing great job in Doli armaano ki...
luv u Neha Sargam and Kunal Karan Kapoor...

8 years ago

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