Monsoon Special with Vikas Manaktala...

Television actor Vikas Manaktala simply loves rains, his monsoon adventures and shares his memories with Telly Buzz...

The monsoon is on its way and as we welcome the Rain Gods, we bring to you our Monsoon Special with television actor Vikas Manaktala. Vikas shares his love for monsoons, his favorite food, monsoon adventures, memories and lots more with Telly Buzz….

What do you like about monsoons?
It's simply beautiful. I love the monsoons. I always look forward to it. I'm a real Aquarian by nature and I love to be in water…It's an absolute bliss for me. When it rains I forget everything. It's a stress buster for me. I miss those times in fact when I used to play with my friends in the rain, just go out and enjoy a lot.

What is your favorite food for monsoon?

Oh, there are loads of them. Actually I love the ghar ka garam garam jalebi with hot coffee. Back in Delhi I loved the pakodas prepared by my mom with coffee… But since I am here in Mumbai I enjoy my coffee(smiles)

What is your favorite monsoon destination?

During monsoons I love to be in Bombay it self. Even though everyone escapes out of Mumbai in monsoon, I like to witness the rain and enjoy it completely. I do like the hilly areas also; I like the chilly breeze after the rains.

We long for rains but when it finally pours, our daily life is so much hampered that we pray for rains to stop. What is your take on this?
I believe whatever comes one should make the most of it… I don't regret any moment whatsoever. I love to be out when it is raining. I remember even on 26th July deluge in Mumbai, I reported on the sets for shooting. I parked my car about one kilometer away from the shooting location and walked all the way getting completely drenched in the rains. But I must admit I love to bear in the rains and I made the most of it even then.

Do you have any fond memory of the rains?

There are lots and lots of such memories. I remember back in Delhi where we had our colonies we used to enjoy a lot. The moment monsoon began we used to run back home, get into our shorts and come out and play in the rain.. Being a player I loved playing football in the rains.

So do you still go out and play in the rains?
I wish I could. In fact I think I'll be doing it now itself.

So this monsoon what can your fans expect from you?
Well I am currently doing a musical play and I may travel for that internationally also; the talks are going on. Besides that my fans can also watch out for me in Kailash Kher's new video album as I feature in "Chandan Mein" in a very different look. I appear in a much tanned look in the video. This video has been shot in Pushkar, Rajasthan and will be on air soon. 

A lot of television actors are taking part in reality shows, so do you also plan to be a part of any show?
Well if the concept is good I will definitely give a thought for it and I'm open to such ideas, but as of now I'm not doing any reality show. I am just enjoying myself in the rains and making the most of it.
Reporter and Author: Nupur Ghosh

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Comments (11)

Hope to see you on screen sometime soon yaar!!! your amazing actor!! :)

11 years ago

where r u vikas? u r a great actor.. u must not waste ur talent. plz come back on screen.

13 years ago

Ooof...After Such a Long Tym....Missed Vikas Soo Much! :( And Yay...Hes A Monsoon Lover Lyk Me...I Luv 2 Dance In The Rain and Rainy Seasons are My Fav Tym Of The Year! <3

14 years ago


14 years ago

Thanks! OMG Vikas..we miss you! Gr8 article!

14 years ago

Nice to hear about Vikas after long time, exactly Minnie, he better do music videos than acting in Ekta's shows, he even mentioned in his interview in IF that he rejected a lots of Ekta's shows, it seems he doesn't like the kind of serials she makes, well I would not blame him for this..........
But it would be nice to see him in a serial with Priyanka Bassi, they make a nice jodi, but for sure not Ekta shows, all her shows should end, no offence........

14 years ago

yup !!! i saw him in that video :).....but i miss seeing him on any show!!! :(

14 years ago

Vikas kahan gayab ho gaye the :( :(
Thanks Tb team for vikas's interview
like u even i too love rains :)
vikas now stop enjoying in da rains and sign some new shows we miss u yaar :(

14 years ago

Garam garam Jalebi.....with hot coffee......Great......mere muh me pani aa gaya

Yesterday only I saw his album.....looked really good in it.....& doing a musical play....will look forward to it........

All the Best to u Viky......

Thanks a ton for this interview TellyBuzz......:)

14 years ago

viku interiew after a long time. thanx soooo much :) too love monsoon..... in kailash's music vid he is looking awsome

14 years ago

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