Monika Khanna opens up on her love for travelling: I am not a solo traveller

Monika Khanna loves to travel. But she says that, for her, travelling is all about spending time with those who matter to her.

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Monika Khanna

Monika Khanna loves to travel. But she says that, for her, travelling is all about spending time with those who matter to her. She adds that while she has enjoyed her solo trips, she loves travelling with company.

"I went solo to Goa, mainly because it's nearby and considered one of the safest destinations from Mumbai. Surprisingly, my friend Rebecca planned the whole trip for me, encouraging my solo exploration. Though I realized I'm not a solo traveler at heart and prefer the company of friends, the trip was wonderful. I met humble people, understanding the value of their stories. I take pride in the progress of friends and those I've met during travels. The connections with one-unknown strangers are still strong, and I often inquire about their plans. Grateful to Rebecca for pushing me to explore solo, it's been a rewarding journey,” she says.

Talking about her love for travel, she says, “The last time I went on a trip was to Kutch, a beautiful place in Gujarat. I chose to celebrate my New Year there to witness the stunning white sand, and it was truly amazing. The richness of Indian culture, with its diverse colours and varied weather, felt overwhelming. My last destination was the enchanting Kutch, and I went there with my best friends. Now, I'm contemplating another trip abroad, but I also have a strong desire to explore Kerala. I'm planning to make this happen very soon and delve into the beauty of Kerala, located in the southern part of India. I'm eager to experience and explore the unique charm of southern India.”

"Traveling is crucial to me and I have realized this as I've grown older. While relationships come and go, the value of travel remains constant. As time passes, I've found that traveling reduces stress, provides new energy, and offers diverse experiences. Reflecting on life, you may regret not experiencing more and realize the insignificance of small problems. Traveling imparts life lessons and motivation, crucial for a fulfilling life. Despite the journey's ups and downs, my job's outdoor shoots allow me to explore and relax. Taking time off to spend with family is like a beautiful melody in life's soundtrack. Making memories with family is essential, and hearing inspiring stories during travels adds to that motivation. Evolving through these experiences matters a lot, instilling pride in being from a great country like India. I believe planning regular family trips is a must for a healthy, stress-free, and peaceful life."

Travelling, according to Monika, significantly reduces stress and brings joy and happiness. "Exploring different places has a unique impact, making the best moments more enjoyable. It acts as therapy for the mind, providing alone time for reflection. Travel helps individuals understand their lives better and discover what they truly seek. Involving oneself in various experiences during travel is crucial for personal growth. New places offer a different perspective and a sense of adventure. Planning a trip, even if you change your mind later, sets the plan in motion. For food lovers, traveling is a treasure trove of different cuisines, varieties, and flavors. It exposes you to diverse languages, traditions, and cultures. The enriching experience is highly recommended if you have the opportunity."

Whether what you do on holidays needs to be planned or not, and how much, depends on your company, she says, “Planning your holiday depends on your company. Trips with family require structured planning due to limitations, while spontaneous planning with friends brings real magic. Exploring without a rigid schedule makes the trip enjoyable, and sharing experiences motivates others to explore those places. Personally, she enjoys impromptu travel for its minimal planning and sense of adventure, even with hasty packing. The unplanned aspect, whether local travel or figuring things out on the go, is exciting. Local travel offers an authentic experience, despite the challenges. While some may prefer well-thought-out plans, she leans towards impromptu ones, finding excitement in the journey ahead."

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