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Money Heist Season 4 Conspiracy Theories

La Casa De Papel AKA Money Heist is set to release their fourth season tomorrow. Here are some theories made by the fans for the upcoming season.


After its three parts being a massive hit and much loved by the fans, Money Heist is coming back with Part 4. Becoming one of the most-watched non-English shows, it became an instant hit and turned out a blockbuster. The story is centralized around Professor and his gang, who set out to pull off one of the biggest heists ever in Spain.

With the first season released in two parts, it then got scheduled for another season, which is again divided into two parts. The third part also aired and the wait for the last part if over. It is set to have 8 episodes in it. 

The third part ended with a major cliffhanger. The fans were majorly shocked with Nairobi being shot down by the police. With the professor assuming Lisbon dead, it was later seen that she was taken in custody by the police. With the situation all haphazard, Professor then sets out with a major plan declaring a full-fledged war.

Check out what the fans have theorised will happen in this upcoming season.

Helsinki is a veteran Serbian soldier who is used to taking orders and carrying out the heavy lifting during heists.

We see him fall in love with Palmero and have a soft side for Nairobi. 

The trailer for season four certainly appears to confirm the worst for the beloved robber. In the teaser, he can be seen hunting Gandia (José Manuel Poga), a soldier who has escaped from his handcuffs. It’s not known how Gandia has escaped but it looks like he will be causing chaos in the bank.

And, it looks like bad news for Helsinki as he can be seen with a rope around his neck being lifted into the air. It also shows that he is seemingly taking his last breath. 

But while it looks like there could be bad news for Helsinki, fans think they’ve found confirmation Nairobi will survive.

It appeared she would not survive as she bled out in the arms of Stockholm. But fans think a key scene from the Money Heist trailer has revealed Nairobi will survive the shooting. One clip shows her waking up dramatically whilst wearing an oxygen mask before the screen cuts to black.

Fans believes this confirms she will wake up and get to see her son again.

The Professor usually stays outside of the robbery, helping to negotiate with the police and providing an extra pair of eyes over CCTV.

Unfortunately, The Professor doesn’t seem to know that Lisbon is alive and as Gandía looks set to cut off the robbers' communication with their “guardian angel”, fans could see him head inside the bank.

One fan spotted a crucial moment from the trailer which hints The Professor will join the robbers inside.

Fans have noticed that throughout the La Casa De Papel or Money Heist series, Tokio has been the narrator. Tokyo even details every cast members' move as she goes about with her narration. 

it may be so because, as according to a user, Tokio will be the only one to survive at the end. 

This one doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but the official Spanish Netflix Twitter account has mentioned this theory as well. Redditors have argued that inspector Alicia Sierra is the same person as Berlin’s ex-girlfriend, Tatiana. 

Although it doesn't make a lot of sense as both characters are played by different actresses. However, we do know Berlin tells Tatiana about the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain before he leaves to help, and flashbacks confirm this. Tatiana herself is a thief, so it seems unlikely she would assist the police, unless she was working undercover.

The Professor may have recruited his brother’s girlfriend to help out in the plan, especially since S1-2 police inspector Raquel eventually joins them as Lisbon. They go on to theories that Alice's child is Berlin's who is also well and alive.

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