Mona Singh and Kapil to judge Laughter ke Phatke

With the arrival of the New Year, Star One's Laughter Ke Phatke will see a format change, and the introduction of Mona Singh and Kapil Sharma as judges..

Star One's Laughter Ke Phatke will see a format change that will be brought into effect in the coming episodes.

The production team and channel were forced to go for a change, when host Sudesh Lahiri expressed his unavailability to continue as host of the show, due to date problems.

According to our source, "The creative team made use of this development to change the format. The show from now on, will have a permanent set of judges in Mona Singh and Kapil Sharma. Every episode will have two stand up comedians pitted against each other with few of the known faces of television supporting them. Jennifer Winget will continue to be the sole host of the show. The twin sisters Alina and Sana Wadiwalla who played Hansi and Khushi in the show will also not be seen".

When contacted, Jennifer confirmed the news and said, "Yes, I will continue as the only host of the show. The show has gone thro' a format change. There will be two acts in each episode, and Mona and Kapil Sharma will be seen as judges".

It is heard that Srikant Maski, Sugandha, Jaswant Singh, Sunil Sawra, Balraj and Albela/Deepak Raja will be the permanent stand up comedians seen in the show from now on.

We tried calling Mona Singh, but she remained unavailable.

Let's see what the duo of Mona and Kapil can bring to the show!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (16)

Wow!! Finally Mona will be a regular on some show...though I wish it was a better show....but what the heck...Mona ke liye kuch bhi dekhega...:D

14 years ago

Thnk god! the tiwns are gone and the annoying laughs they had are also gone...
Jenni stays! i stay! lolz
love you jenny!

14 years ago

as long as jens here lol
i watch it only for jenny!!!

14 years ago

Love this show and love Jenny...
@preeti: i'm soo happy for you because mona and Jenny together...hehe...I know you are too happy too.

14 years ago

The twins really did nothing in the show!!!!

And why is Mona judging a Laughter show??Uska comedy se kya taluk hai??

14 years ago

Watching this show just for Jen!....Jenni rock :)

14 years ago

"The twin sisters Alina and Sana Wadiwalla who played Hansi and Khushi in the show will also not be seen"

lol... Will someone please tell what were they "playing" there lol... They were totally useless furniture sitting and forcing laughter...

BTW, simply thrilled to see Mona there :)

14 years ago

wow.. wood be good to see mona again :) and now a judge.. way to go gal :)

14 years ago

Wow thats great !!! I am glad to see her back !!!

14 years ago

"aada" I loved your comment on Mona ," I want my kids to have her genes"
Mona has a beautiful screen presence and she is always full of life be it her acting, anchoring, dancing or judging.
I just loved her role in 3 Idiots even though makers were totally unfair on her debutant but she did full justove to her role.

14 years ago

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