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Mohit Malik to quit Godh Bharaai?

Is Mohit Malik ending his journey in Sony’s Godh Bharaai?

Sphere Origins and Sony TV's Godh Bharaai started off with a promise. However, now its dwindling TRPs tell a different story. The show is quivering between sad TRPs of 0.1 and 0.2.

The story is of a married couple having problem with conception. Aastha (Pallavi Subhash) and Shivam (Shakti Anand) fail at conceiving a child. So Shivam's best friend Bharat (Mohit Malik) becomes a saving grace for them.

The couple is saved from society's ostracization thanks to Bharat's helping hand. However, for while, Bharat is nowhere to be seen. This makes us wonder whether Mohit is even part of the show.

The television grapevine has been abuzz with the news that Mohit Malik has indeed put his papers down with the production house. And that Sphere Origins will be relieving him from his duty very soon.

We contacted Mohit Malik and producer Sanjoy Wadhwa. Both of them remained unavailable for comments.

Thus continues the sad but true trend of fiction shows not doing well on Sony TV.

Makes us wonder, if Mohit Malik has already moved onto greener pastures…
Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Susan Jose


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mohiti 10 years ago Mohit is the best and I m sure very soon we wud see him in a good show
Shipra_S 10 years ago there was a time when sony's shows used to be brilliant like dekh bhai dekh, family no. 1, heena, just mohabbat.....but dunno what happened to it now!!.....although YRF's n Mahi way were good shows!Big smile
pallavi25 10 years ago Sony SUCKS! Mohit shd get lead roles, hes so handsome and a good actor too!
Shaina_b 10 years ago Sony is messing up big time!!!!

Dilwali89 10 years ago It's a smart decision. He should do only main lead role, he's so cute.
LOVE_DMG 10 years ago that is a horrable show man, it good if he quited. BORING! x/ SONY SUCKS!2010-07-27 16:46:36
lovely_lady 10 years ago sony sucks at promoting its shows..
they pulled off bhaskar bharti, one of the most stupidest moves ever made, seriously..
choco.bub 10 years ago After sony took bhaskar bharti off , nothing has worked for them, BB has trps of like 3 or 3.2 but after that sony's trps havent reached that high
bmtdluver 10 years ago i love watching him and avni together though.

I don't get why the trp's are low, its a pretty good show
xxMATSxx 10 years ago NO! Him and Avni are the ONLY good thing about this show!!! ARGHH!
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