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Mohit Malik injures his hand while shooting!

While shooting for a scene, Mohit Malik who plays Samrat in Zee TV’s popular show Doli Armaano Ki, injured his hand but continued shooting for the show.

Handsome hunk Mohit Malik who plays Samrat in Spellbound Productions' Doli Armaanon Ki on Zee TV, injured his hand while shooting for a sequence today.

Our source from the sets informed us, "Mohit was shooting for a sequence where it will be shown that he will come to know that the cradle for his niece has been gifted by his sister Aditi. So in anger he breaks the cradle with his hands. So, while breaking the cradle Mohit got one of his hand injured."

When contacted Mohit, he confirmed the news saying, "Yes, it has happened thrice while I was breaking the cradle with my hand for a scene. My hand got injured and blood also came out and it's nothing major but hurting a lot. But I have to finish my scenes so I am continuing with my shoot and everybody is around on the sets to take care of me. It has happened thrice with me while shooting for this show. Earlier, I had injured my hand and while shooting for a fight sequence in Goa, I got a cut in my leg. So, I would say that I have given my blood to this show."

Take care Mohit and get well soon!

Anwesha Kamal


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nidhishree308 6 years ago He he me tooo live romantic sam..u r tooo good dude..
iPerfection 6 years ago Take care of urself. I love u so much the way ur portraying Samrat character. So real and so harsh!! Tho i hate him (but secretly luv him when he gets romantic with urmi or when he is in good mood, which gets ruined in a min lol) all thnx to u <3
zoha11 6 years ago We love u MM..plx take care of wat u do...I m sure the scene wud be performance..
leavesandwaves 6 years ago Be careful. Dont do stunts without proper supervision.
myrah13 6 years ago Love y MM ur thd bestest...crazy for u..
zoha11 6 years ago Love u loads Moihit Malik..u are playing the character soo well..nd I m yoyr biggest fan..take good care of urself..
nidhishree308 6 years ago Aap kamaal actor ho...and you are sooo handsome too...but plzzz aap itna gussa mat karo aur plz apna dhyan you mohit malik..this is from my mothers side..
starstellie 6 years ago hahahahah lol hes giving his blood to the show
poor guy tho hope u feel better
myrah13 6 years ago Mohit plzzz take care of are the most fabulous actor on tv nd u deserve films get well soon..
*Dev.* 6 years ago hope he is okay, wish him speedy recovery. Otherwise he is doing nice job as Samrat.
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