Mohit is a transformed man after getting engaged..

Aditi Shirwaiker claims that post her engagement, Mohit Maik has become more responsible and is calmer..

Many girls would relate to the awkwardness and embarrassment of handling a situation gone awry by a hot-blooded boyfriend.

Aditi Shirwaikar has had to handle many such situations albeit in a good sense. Mohit Malik had this weakness for a girl's dignity. If any girl's integrity was put in question by gundas or mawalis, an irritated Mohit would immediately be there to sort out the situation.

However, a recent incident proved to Aditi how changed a man Mohit now is.

During the couple's recent visit to Delhi a group of young boys recognized the actors and asked Mohit to pose with them. When they said the same thing to Aditi, Mohit could identify that she was not comfortable posing with them.

So Mohit, in all maturity, very patiently explained to the boys that they may be actors but they are human beings with personal lives too. Mohit asked the chaps to imagine their sister or loved one in Aditi's position and asked them whether they would do the same even then.

The boys perfectly understood what Mohit meant and obliged to his request after appreciating the actor's kind approach.

Aditi who got a pleasant surprise after seeing Mohit handle the situation so calmly said,  "I was  happy to see the new Mohit take over the situation. He was so smooth in handling. No fuss at all! I guess the added responsibility after getting engaged has brought about this transformation".

She adds, "I'm loving him even more. I totally adore this change in him!"

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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faria86 10 years ago wow congrats!!! to both of them wish them a prosperous life ...
Ethereal-Path 10 years ago aww..dats such a sweet thing !! Embarrassed
lively_virgo 10 years ago hes so cuteeeeee.
u r nyc guy mohit
adoremevirgo 10 years ago thatz nice...mohit is great guy and aditi is lucku
mohiti 10 years ago hey guys common ya we r hardcore Mohit fans since millee days we to know every bit of him I loved this article ...hey guys have any of u seen his engagement pics I want to c them ya if anybody then plz upload it on his fan club
Sid4TeamCanada 10 years ago i hope this hottie comes in a new drama as lead.. he's my FAV actor - he needs to come as a lead in a good show SOON!!
sumonetolub 10 years ago awwwww hes so sweet......if only all guys thought like him haha
XxSanchixX 10 years ago awwwhh :)
hahaha completly agree with yu.. sweetchilly1234 :P
sweetchilly1234 10 years ago I wish all guys were like that; hahhah :P Here either the guy runs away, or gets overly aggressive. ;)
sunshine15 10 years ago Nice to know how Mohit cares about his loved one......how well he handles the situation...without showing any celebrity ka raub....Addite..girl...you are really lucky....
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