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Mocktail Special - Summer Time!

Replacing the Delicious Dish in this Summer Heat,We have a new drink for you all..Check out the New mock tail in the Town from the makers of Khichdi special and Telly Buzz..

Published: Wednesday,Jun 11, 2008 11:44 AM GMT-06:00
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Mocktail Special - Summer Time!

Summer is far from Over, few thunder showers here and there has now made the atmosphere even more humid and sweaty! So to relieve you all we are here with "Mock tail Special" a new Drink from Telly Buzz Kitchen that will be served in place of Khichdi Special this Fortnight!! Are you all ready to taste the new Mock tail in the town...here we go let's pour some..Ice in the Goblet and say cheers!
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Mocktail Special - Summer Time!

Party Hoppers - now here are a few who love partying and you could spot them in almost all do's of !! Select your most hip hot and happening Dudes/Divas of Small Screen! The first party hoppers are Faisal Raza Khan and Jay Bhanushali, as we spot them in all the parties happening in and around Mumbai. As for Ali Merchant you can't spell the word party without mentioning him, and here he is with his Off screen Jodi, Sarah Khan! Last but not the least, out very own Husein-Tina love to party as well ! So select your Favorite!

Mocktail Special - Summer Time!
Mocktail Special - Summer Time!
Mocktail Special - Summer Time!

Let's meet Heart and Brain of Telly Buzz and their dilemma and fight on every issue!! Meet our Humble Heart and Intelligent but Bratty Brain and let's see what they are discussing about this fortnight!

Heart : Lala..lalala.....Aaye the hum ek roz mehmaan banke *someone knocks the artilleries*

Brain : Hello Heart, Long time no see? Where have you been? And what are you watching?

Heart : Oh Star Parivaar Awards, I am so eager to see who wins the Award this time round?

Brain : Oh you mean Star Balaji "Parivaar" Awards, right?

Heart : No..when they started they termed it as Parivaar, its only SPA !

Brain : You must be kidding !! If this is Star Parivaar, then how come they miss out on so many of the worthy actors and characters?

Heart : But they usually make the list keeping all the things in mind *lost in his own thoughts* (suddenly lungs sends the complaints through veins, but blood is not able to push it thro' properly!) Oh..I am sorry replies the heart!

Brain : Don't think over it and let your work suffer it's part and parcel of any profession, if you have power everyone will bow in front of you and won't raise a question against you!

Heart : Rightly said, but I wished at least one award could have happened without any back stage manipulation *Alas!* but I still wait for my favorite star to hit the screen yay!

Brain : I know , want to see you hail and hearty all the time, so enjoy but do have a spare of thought for all those who missed the nominations, without any fault of theirs!!

Heart : I will promise you Brain! So true..but they are all winners and will get the nominations next year as till then they can keep giving awards to the same set of people, by the same set of people !

Brain went back and started doing his usual routine work as Heart again started to sing and danc 'Aaye the hum ek roz mehmaan ban ke..kya thee..khabar..apke..'

Mocktail Special - Summer Time!

We admire Actors and their clothes! But how many of you are aware about their FOOT and have noticed their shoes? Let's match the actors with their feet here, and go below the belt in true sense! All the three shoes are of different kinds but very hip in their own league! We have Three Dudes of small screen and their shoes, let's do some "SOLE" Searching and have fun!

Mocktail Special - Summer Time!
Mocktail Special - Summer Time!
Mocktail Special - Summer Time!
This show has a sparkling new freshness and full of life characters. Now you all may be wondering isn't it like all other saas-bahu and melodramatic shows? It's just about a sweet, caring mother who is trying to get her daughters married off to prince charmings. Ultimately the entertainment and passion that goes along with this marriage package is the eye catching candy of the day. The way all the four daughters are distinctive and matchless from one another really opens up the vividness of the show. The only thing missing from this loveable family are the sons-in-law! How life is complete without love and how is a mother's heart complete without seeing her daughters settled? That's exactly what this show brings to you, a story of a genuine family with four girls trying to find their soul mates and on the plus side Himani Shivpuri who plays the mother makes things light with her one liners. This show will take you on a ride of love, compassion, family, faith, and the comedy that never stops!

Just as everything has it's ups and downs, so does Vivaah. The secret associated with everything and the extra characters seem to be a little bit off beat. They don't seem to have as much importance and kind of rhythm needed for the show. Sometimes it seems like they're added in just to pass time!! Is that a good support to the show?

The set is really something to smile about!! It's unique in every sense, the benches outside the lawn open up to welcome anyone to a cup of tea and the kitchen has its own smell. From the teddy bears around the girls' rooms to the Shiv mandir placed in the house, to the typical house decoration, it's just like your own comfy house.

Soap Rating : This Show Gets Three Soaps * from Us!
* 1 Soap Stinky one ,2 Soaps slippery with no fragnance , 3 Soaps sandal wood with rose petals , 4 Soaps must use/watch*
by - ::Prem$_Priya::

  • The most Talked about Twist in the soap world is Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki 's adaptation of Arushi's case! Although it is facing stiff resistence from the viewers, but as they say any publicity is good publicity, so KGGK is currently enjoying the attention it is getting!
  • In Ghar ki Lakshmi Betiyan, Bhavishya is finally killed by the Beetiyan in truly Filmy style!
  • Grihasthi is suffering from Problem aplenty, each character is facing their own set of problems and there is no respite, the latest one is that Veera has a mentally unstable sister and now she has been brought home by Rishi! We wish if we could have Less complications in at least in one couples' Life !

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Don't worry, be happy. @Ranbirrocks 15 years ago Good to know that like me, everyone thinks that SPA is the most rigged award show ever.....I hope SP listens to all this feedback taht it is getting and let Ekta reamin only Producer, not Channel head
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talkativetaurus @talkativetaurus 15 years ago thanks, kool article ...heart vs brain was funny!
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Natalie Abraham @-DulceMaria- 15 years ago Kekta's adaption of Arushi's case is indeed sick.
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