Mishal Raheja has eyes set on Bollywood!!

Mishal Raheja, the protagonist of SAB's Love Story has no intentions of getting back to television in the near future, as the actor is on course to get good offers in Bollywood!

After the serial Love Story on SAB ended, the cast members of the serial are seen signing new projects to be back on television. Payal Sarkar, the lead protagonist plays a different avtar in Sony Entertainment's new serial Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya. Even Ajay Chaudhury, who was seen in the same SAB serial has signed with Sony's yet another new venture, Sujata.

Tellybuzz team decided to inquire Mishal Raheja, the lead actor of Love Story about his future ventures as he has not been seen on Television for long now. "I don't think I'll be back to television for a while," was Mishal's immediate reply. Hw adds on to say, "I always thought television was a stepping stone for me to move ahead in life. I am on the verge of signing couple of Bollywood films, one a romantic comedy while another thriller. I will keep you informed once I take the plunge into big screen," was what Mishal informed.

Looks like Mishal Raheja's fans would have to wait a while to see him back on screen.

Reporter :Srividya Rajesh
Author: Barnali

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Mishal Raheja

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Payal Sarkar

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Love Story

Comments (16)

Missing U Mishal.. waiting to see u on the screen soon

12 years ago

Mishal we are glad to have u back on LTL n u r rocking in tht! n m sure one day u ll be one big actor in bolly too! Amen to tht! :)

13 years ago

Pray one day his ambitions become a reality because he truly deserves to be there! The industry needs talent like his and enough with the 'in-bred' talent of Bollywood star families giving their kids the careers they would otherwise not deserve.

14 years ago

GREAT NEWS!! Thanks for getting it guys.

All the best Mishal and I am sure u'll rock in films too. Waitng to see u back, on BIG sceen this time :) ... FDFS booked samjho ;)

16 years ago

wow..!! ALl the very best Mishal... hope to see u soon..!!

16 years ago

Grt......waiting to see Mishal back again..All The Best!

16 years ago

please mishal u come soon.i can't wait to see u.please return soon

16 years ago

he's soo hot. he did a great job as playing Akash in LoveStory. Hope to see him soon in Bollywood!

16 years ago

Thats really cool.Good luck for that Mishal, but we r dying to see u for once so plz come on screen soon.

16 years ago

wowwww great !!!!!!!
All the best Wishes Mishal wating to see u on big screen soooooooooon

16 years ago

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