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Mira Rajput OPENS UP about the challenge she's facing in raising Misha

Bringing up Misha has been not easy for Mira Rajput Kapoor...


When Mira was asked about her experience of being a parent, she said: "I am thoroughly enjoying new phase of my life. I think parenthood is extremely fulfilling and all of us can agree with that. Having a child and extending your family makes you calmer and mature, so I feel kids are the greatest gift to anyone."

When asked about challenges that she is facing in parenthood, Mira said: "For me, the biggest challenge was feeding Misha right from the day I gave birth to her because for the initial period of the baby's life, you are his/her menu. So, mothers have to be very careful when they are feeding their child.

"Everything that goes into their (mother's) mouth eventually goes to the baby's stomach. It is something like a responsibility on your plate literally. There were so many things that I wanted to have but I couldn't because I didn't want Misha crying with stomach pain and at the same time I wanted to have enough nutrition so that I can give that on to her without depleting my health."


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bollywoodcat1 3 years ago Thanks a lot for sharing. Being a mother its really difficult to manage and give everything to baby whatever they want. she is so little to explain what she want and eat. Her take care its difficult this time . Your feeling only women can understand.2017-07-12 03:18:28
-Aniisha- 3 years ago What an attention seeker ROFL2017-07-10 22:35:40
Juhi_04 3 years ago Is she dumb or what to say what she eat goes in baby's stomach and you can't eat what you want? She is putting post-graduate students and working women down with her showing that she is such an ideal woman for always being with her baby. Get a life, girl!
hp18 3 years ago This woman needs to keep quiet and go away.
Autumn_Rose 3 years ago Of course, she is suffering more than the poor starving African women and kid!!
winkydinks 3 years ago Is she the first woman on earth who has delivered a baby? Heck, man ! Wot big challenge are u talking about? A wealthy husband, servants at ur call and u say it's a challenge! Wot abt those mothers who work all day not even eating well( for they can't afford a proper meal) just so they cud feed their kid? This woman needs a reality chk.2017-07-09 22:12:49
.Sunrise. 3 years ago The media now a days ROFL
luvdesitelly 3 years ago Why this woman gets so much unnecessary attention? seriously she is not celebrity. It is either her lunch, dinner date with hubby or something related to her being a mom. She is so amateur. What was Shahid thinking? Couldn't he find a girl similar to his age?
Paytonlee 3 years ago Why is media giving so much attention to this star wife. she is more in news than her celebrity husband. She calls media everywhere whether it is to going to gym, airport, coffee with friends she is on news.
fatty112 3 years ago Why is media making her into this one and only woman in the world who gave birth? Like seriously!! Millions of women and animals give birth! And whatever she said well every women out there knows, even mammals!! Nuff said. Stop making her into this forced wannabe celebrity.
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