Mink enters Sarkaar Ki Duniya..

REAL TV's Sarkaar Ki Duniya will see a celebrity wild card entry in Mink...

Mink who was last seen in COLORS' Dancing Queen will now be entering REAL TV's Sarkaar Ki Duniya as Wild Card Entry.

Talking about her entry in the show, Mink says, "REAL channel wanted one celebrity wild card for the show, and they approached me. I am basically a very private person, comfortable in my own life. So I thought this is the best opportunity to explore myself. Thro' this reality, I will get a chance to test my patience level, and will also be making food for myself (smiles)".

When asked whether she is worried about her image being hampered in the show, she quips, "I think all is up to me and all matters on how I behave there. As I told you earlier, I am very good in behavior, so I will not have any problems". 

On her disappointing exit in Dancing Queen Mink verbalizes, "The show was a dance reality show where I had the responsibility to teach my team mate the qualities that a dancing queen will possess. Basically, she had to be good in behavior, dressing and dancing. Unfortunately, I got a partner who was mentally sick; a person who did not have any manners, who would end up fighting with everyone. I am happy that I got rid of her".

Well, we just hope Mink has a better time in this reality show..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Wow Mink talking about her partner as mentally sick shows what kind of a person she is...Her partner had some real issues but Mink the kink behaved like a spoilt celebrity with her. Mink sucks.

14 years ago

she seems to be quite pissed off with her partner

14 years ago

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