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Milind to get back his memory!!

MICHI fans have a reason to celebrate now as their much-loved character Milind will be getting back his memory very shortly.. Here is an insight on the twist...

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The on screen duo of Milind and Prachi of Kayamath has been loved by one and all so much so that they have been rechristened as MICHI (Mi from Milind and CHI from Prachi) very fondly by their fans! But all was not well for the lovely pair in the serial as the protagonist Milind played by the dashing Shabbir Ahluwalia suffered from partial amnesia months back, just to forget that he was wedded to Prachi(Panchi Bora).

The story had a major setback with this twist, thus leaving all the ardent Kayamath viewers dejected. But it now seems that the MICHI fans will get a respite as their very own Milind will get back his memory in the coming episodes.

According to our sources, as the wedding rituals of Milind and Ayesha are in full swing, Milind remembers his marriage to Prachi and recollects that she is his wife. Now what does future hold for Milind-Prachi relationship? Well, only time will tell!!

The track as of now is focusing on the Mehendi celebrations of Milind-Ayesha!!


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neev ka pyar
neev ka pyar 12 years ago This content is hidden.
mi-neepearl 12 years ago yes, yes, yes! Finally! Forever MICHI!!!!
tweety_me14 12 years ago This content is hidden.
fareshta 12 years ago This content is hidden.
Ultimate_Shadow 12 years ago gosh when will kekta stop torturning the public by making such senseless soaps..!!!!!!!1
me07me07 12 years ago Noooooooooooooo! This can't happen... Ayesha plzzz do something! Poor Neev! Doesn't any1 see his loneliness? Poor guy! He doesn't deserve this... Only Ayesha can save him now... :'( NEECHI (Neev/Prachi lol) fans, where r uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu???
*rankan* 12 years ago thanks for the article
can't wait for michi to reunite once more!!!!
i wish he gets his memory back !!!!!
mz.jess 12 years ago congrats to all michi fans!

i give neev the credit for helping get back` milinds memory!

now i just hope they hurry this track up.
ppanache 12 years ago Jessu....i just read your campaign....LMAO.... You seriously want to win the best jodi title haan!!! LOL...!!! Looks like Fahima has been doing some serious campaigning on your behalf!!! LOL....In every post she is asking for votes...bechari...what have you done to her!! LOL...

@ by the way, Michians, Shachians, Cheenians and Shabians......Rock the Kayamath Forum!! LOL...
Mazzy101 12 years ago This content is hidden.
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