Migration of Big/Small Screen Stars!

We have seen Birds traveling across continents in search of food and shelter, now following suit are our big and small screen actors who shuffle screens working in each other's territory...Let's analyze..

Television and Cinema, are the two modes of entertainment in the media industry. Actors are so popular that they are found in every individual’s living room or bedroom today. The latest trend is the influx of our top-notch superstars of the big screen towards television. On the other hand, television actors are not left far behind as they too are willing to leave their running shows in the lurch to make it big on the silver screen. Now what could be the driving force that is compelling these actors to make the switch? What is lucrative in the two modes that the actors are willing to make a switch and experimenting in mediums alien to them? Although actors from both the mediums state similar reasons, they just paraphrase them to suit their own decisions. Telly Buzz cites some of the reasons.

Quick Money: “Money is not the most important thing in life; Love is. Fortunately, I love money.”

If you are wondering what we mean by this statement, we are just trying to tell you that one of the chief reasons for the migration between mediums today is the moolah. Big stars like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan etc. receive a hefty paycheck for appearing on television shows. Bringing such stars guarantees success and the audience loves to watch the shows because of their presence. Similarly small screen actors are attracted to the silver screen for the same reason. Big banner movies have big budgets and obviously are enticing for our television stars. As one actor quoted in an interview, “Actors of small screen, who used to travel by scooters in the past, now have their own cars, bungalows, and huge bank balances thanks to television. Now that paints the entire picture for us, doesn’t it?

Visibility: “The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”

Now we all know television actors are weary of their over exposure as millions across the globe are watching daily soaps 24X7. Actors have neither the time nor the scope to experiment with their looks, as the scripts do not provide them with much opportunity to do so. Big screen stars believe in the one movie at a time theory, which gives them enough time to promote their product and earn free publicity. So why not grab the opportunity that requires just a few days of shooting and offers instantaneous money, fame and visibility? No matter what reason they give, it still all means the same right??

Popularity: As Mark Twain quoted “Everybody’s private motto, is better to be popular than right”

What doesn’t an actor, musician, painter do to gain popularity and appreciation from the masses? As they say, an artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and every artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own success. It is a known fact that every actor loves the adulation he/she receives from fans. And those who deny this fact are denying the very existence of their profession. While for big screen stars, television is a barometer of the success, for small screen stars it is a testing ground of their popularity.

Fun, Recreation and Adventure: "One should promise themselves to live our life as a “revolution” and not just a process of “evolution.”

You guys have to agree, this is one of the lamest reasons anyone can come up with. Nevertheless, stars state this as one the reasons for the switch. They usually do this when they themselves are not confident of their actions. Fun is the last word that comes to one’s mind when one works 14-16 hours of shifts. Big screen stars see it as an opportunity to interact with their fans while small screen actors want to make more fans while enjoying their work. The human race is famous for experimenting, but unfortunately there are no shortcuts to evolution!!!

Satisfaction: “While curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back.” – Eugene O’Neill

Satisfaction, is one of the most complicated word that can be incorporated in our lives. This one word can solve the entire human race’s problem; leave alone the big and small screen. It is more of a case of the inventor hit by his own invention. It is a vicious circle, small screen actors are never satisfied with television and want to see themselves on the 70mm screen while big screen actors are weary of small screen stars’ reach. Either way, each is unsatisfied with their current scenarios and wants a piece of each other’s pie.

These are some of the reasons we could come up with, now what is your take on all this?

Today while two of cinema’s biggest stars Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan take on one another on small screen and of course with Shahrukh Khan already there, television’s most popular actor Rajeev Khandelwal is pitted against Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan on the 70mm screen. Now that’s what we call a true change of scenario!!!

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Comments (9)

Great article! Its very true.....exchange of actors from Bollywood to Tellywood and vice versa.

15 years ago

hmmmm thtas a good article... loots of efforts behind this article i suppose....thumbs up guys....

15 years ago

wowwww veryyy niceee articleee :) n thanxx for thizz

15 years ago

the grass looks greener on the other side!!!

15 years ago

superb article. n it's true also.

big screen actor want 2 cum in small screen.. n small screen actor want 2 cum in big screen

15 years ago

Am really proud of Rajeev for making his dream happen and wish him luck!

15 years ago

And i think u can add that Rajeev Khandelwal alone is holding his fort again the 3 Bachchans......He has made television proud of him....Small Screen export ho to aisa ho......Warna na ho !!

Im soo proud of Rajeev after watching Aamir yesterday !! He proved that he has a knack of choosing scripts which are logical and impressive without being boring and preachy !

Go Rajeev....We are proud of U !!

15 years ago

the small screen got its recognition. It shouldn't be treated as the big screen's step sister and I don't think any 'Big screen' star should see television has a step down.

Nice article.

15 years ago

wow thats interesting and true, loved reading it!! Wonderful concept!!

15 years ago

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