Micckie Dudaaney to enter Maayka..

Micckie Dudaaney will be seen in a positive role in Zee's Maayka and will play the parallel lead opposite Mahi...

Micckie Dudaaney who is seen essaying the gay designer in Sony's Bhaskar Bharti will enter Zee TV's Maayka tonight.

The actor who has been seen playing the typical negative roles will be seen in a complete positive shade in Maayka.

According to our source, "He plays the business tycoon Aditya Dhanraj, who owns a big media company. Mahi aka Neha Bamb starts working in his company and he plays her boss".

We talked to Micckie who confirmed the news and said, "I will develop a soft corner for Mahi and will wonder why she is so involved in herself. Mine is a positive role and am excited playing the parallel lead here".

If sources are to be believed, Aditya Dhanraj will eventually fall for Mahi as the story progresses.

Micckie who has been popular for his negative role of Yuvraj in Saarthi is also seen in the Doordarshan show Sammaan where he again portrays a negative role. In Pannah on Doordarshan, he plays the lead guy who has a grey shade to his character.

The actor will be making his entry in Maayka tonight. 

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Neha Bamb

Comments (20)

he is really ok-ish....the tracks borin though...sad for the guy...

15 years ago

Another man falling for Mahi??


Mahi is a mum of 2 kids=)

15 years ago

what happened to shabd? did he die or something?

15 years ago

Y always Mahi? ... poor girl has to always suffer

15 years ago

i knew that he is going to fall for mahi, she is just so beautiful that anyone can fall for her..

15 years ago

He is ok guy, but love neha acting in the show, she rocks man

15 years ago

haven't been watching this show for a while, maybe will start again lol :)

15 years ago

what happened to shabd? is she having an extra marrital affair with him?

15 years ago

Shabd really needs to learn to appreciate Mahi more. I hope this helps him realize...

15 years ago

he he he...i knew he'll definitly fall for our beautiful mahi but i wish he'll remain positive as Shahi r made for each other, no one can come between them!

15 years ago

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