Melissa Pais on Baazi Ishq Ki: My role brings in a comic element

Melissa Pais, who is part of Baazi Ishq Ki, says that her role is very special to her.

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Actress Melissa Pais, who is part of Baazi Ishq Ki, says that her role is very special to her. Her character, who provides comic relief in the story, is someone who she relates to. 

“I believe it brings a comic element that provides relief to the audience from all the drama. I've been doing comedy for more than half of my career, and I really love it. I hope the audience enjoys it as much as I do and showers me with their love, as always,” she says.

She adds, “For my look, I am wearing a glamorous sari. I usually do my own makeup, so it doesn't take me too long to get ready—about half an hour, including hair, makeup, and changing into my sari with jewelry. I've been doing my makeup for years, so I've become quite good at it. My character, Chanda, often finds herself in foot-in-mouth situations, which is something I can relate to, just like Melissa. I love making people laugh and being a bit mischievous. I'm a talkative person, just like Chanda. So, there are many similarities between me and my character. I've only been shooting for two days, but I'm already loving it. Let's hope for the best.”

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She says she loves to be part of the show. “It's just been a few days since I joined the show. Technically, this marks my comeback to daily soaps after nearly five years. I took a break around 2018 to travel the world, and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, extending my break. I'm thankful for this opportunity after such a long hiatus, and I genuinely hope it goes well. Let's hope for the best.”

Talking about working with Yash and Mamta Patnaik, she says, “I know Yash from our days on CID when he was working with Fireworks, about 15 years ago. It's impressive how he's successfully established a production house. While I haven't met Mamta in person yet, we've been friends on Facebook for a long time. I've enjoyed her anecdotes and writings. I'm looking forward to meeting her.”

Meanwhile, she says that the TV industry has changed over the years. “The TV industry has evolved significantly. I'm returning to it after five years, so it's a bit early for me to comment comprehensively. Nonetheless, there have been some incredible shows on TV. For me, TV is my comfort zone; it's what I know best—acting. I hope TV continues to evolve, and we get to explore diverse and amazing content,” she says, adding, “About OTT platforms, there have been some remarkable shows. However, personally, some of the offers I've received have been a bit too bold, and I'm a bit shy when it comes to intimate scenes on screen. While I don't judge those who do it, it's not something I'm comfortable with. I did one clean OTT comedy show, which was great. I'm open to OTT, but I hope to find a role that aligns with my preferences soon.”

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