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Meghna to discover that Kunal is NOT Nirmala's son in 'Ek Shringaar -Swabhimaan' !

Will Meghna reveal the same to her husband?


Colors' Ek Shringaar -Swabhimaan has slowly but steadily made its way into the audience's hearts with its endearing storyline.

With the track now focussing on the sisters v/s Sandhya storyline, the audience will be in for a rude shock with the upcoming twist in the show. As per the current track, Meghna and Naina are upping their game to find out about Sandhya and her Chittorgarh secret.

But as the sisters are very close to the truth, Sandhya plays her trump card and stops Meghna from going to Chittorgarh.

However, now, with Meghna being determinant to dig up the truth, she will not give up. When Meghna learns the truth, she will be shocked to discover that Sandhya actually hates Karan but pretends to adore him.

Meghna will come to know that Kunal is actually not Nirmala's son, but Sandhya's. Meghna will also come to know that she does not want Karan's allergy to be treated as she wants her son, Kunal to become the sole heir of the entire Chauhan Empire.

Sandhya also creates hatred in Nandkishore's mind, that his younger son will never be able to live a free life due to his hand allergy, which makes Nandkishore averse to Karan.

A shocked Meghna will be left contemplating what she would do with this secret? The biggest question that Meghna will be faced with is whether or not she should tell her husband about this secret?

What will Meghna's final decision be?


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