Megha Gupta goes on a spiritual journey..

We all need a break from our hectic lives. And here is Megha Gupta who has found a great way of replenishing herself...

There is this 'sober' phase where one just wants to shut out all the noise, disturbance and concentrate on – simply nothing. You know, sort of just tune out. That's what actress Megha Gupta recently did. She headed to the Vipassana on a ten day meditation course.

Megha talks to us about her splendid experience. She says, "It's a wonderful feeling to be there. During the ten days of Vipassana, you are completely cut off from the outside world. You're not allowed to use your Cellphone, Laptops etc. You're supposed to convert into an early bird. (Laughs) Yes. There you gotta wake up at four in the morning and wind up by nine at night."

The experience has replenished Megha internally. It has brought back the zeal of life in her she says, "This experience leads you to find yourself, what your will is and the goodness inside you."

It is by following her mother's footsteps that Megha landed at the Vipasana. She says, "My mom has done the Vipassana twice. I've always wanted to do it since then and I'm glad I did! I feel so happy and peaceful now. I suggest everyone to visit the place at least once".

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose


Megha Gupta

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k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan 11 years ago i wuld luv 2 do dis. thx
al d best 2 her
Tani91 11 years ago OMG my mom did this course...even she said it was amazing..anyways Love Megha hopeing the bets for her
tulipbaby53 11 years ago I really want to do that too! I'm glad she got to experience something sooo good!! She must have learned a lot from this!
choti11 11 years ago i love her she is one of the best2009-08-12 06:39:51
archielicious 11 years ago thts nice.......
she is really very sweet........lolzzzzzzzzz
nehapuri 11 years ago wow ! its always good to hear abt her, love her lots !!
fashion_k_jalwa 11 years ago hmm loved her in main teri parchaieen hoon
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