Meet the star cast of Bhagya Vidhata

Telly Buzz gives its readers exclusive details about the male and female leads and their families of the new COLORS' show Bhagya Vidhata...

As we begin the countdown for the launch of the next COLORS' show, Sabki Jodi Wahi Banata.. Bhagya Vidhata produced by Shreya Creations, Telly Buzz gives you more details on the cast list finalized for the show.

As reported earlier, the female lead will be played by newcomer Richa Soni, while Atul Srivastava who was earlier seen in Kareena Kareena plays the girl's father and a lesser known actress Meena Nathani plays her mother. Another newcomer Pooja Yadav will play sister to the female lead.

The news coming in now is that the male lead and actors playing his family has been decided, and here is our source giving us info. "The male lead will be yet another new face to television, and his name is Vishal Kanwal. The role of the boy's father will be played by noted actor Vishnu Sharma who had earlier essayed the role of Vasudev in B.R. Chopra's Mahabharat. The boy's mother will be another known name from films, Utkarsha Naik. The boy will have two other siblings, and the roles will be played by new faces Susheel Singh and Yash Sinha".

"The launch date and time slot for the show has not been fixed yet", adds our source.

Bhagya Vidhata will focus on a horrifying custom prevalent in Bihar wherein the marriage takes place with the groom placed at gun point by the girl's family and well-wishers.

We tried calling Producer Sheel Kumar, but he was unavailable..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Atul Srivastava

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Richa Sony

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Parul Yadav

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Utkarsha Naik

Comments (4)

why colors focussing only on custom based soaps.

plz show soaps based on different topics.

Like BV, JSK, Uttaran enough and let the new shows be one love, one on comedy, one on action

14 years ago

Shreya creations'' shows suck big time. I hope this is not an exception.... the promos are crude...

14 years ago

Kisi kisi ki jodi bhi Bigaadta ----bhagya bidhata !!!!! it does rhymes Khichdi Kumaar !!!!!

I mean jo banata wohi bigaadta bhi hai !!!! lolzzz

14 years ago

wah kya naam hai
sabki jodi wohi banata...bhagya vidhata
what a rhyme!!

14 years ago

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