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Meet the Mastani of Sony TV's 'Peshwa Bajirao'

And the grown-up cast seems complete..


Sony TV's historical epic, Peshwa Bajirao is on the verge of introducing the leap soon and the grown up actors will take over from the young cast.

While, actor Karan Suchak and Ishita Ganguly will be playing the titular roles of Bajirao and Kashibai respectively, the hunt for the role of Mastani was still on.

And after a lot of thought and look tests, actress Megha Chakraborty has been finalised to play the character of Mastani.

Megha is best known for her roles in shows like Khwabon Ki Zamin Par and Badi Devrani.

The actress has already started training for fierce sword fighting for the show too.

We wish the actress all the best for her breakthrough venture!


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Ms.S.K. 3 years ago @MelodiousDreams. Grown up shahuji will be played by Sameer Dharmadhikari. Neetha Shettywill play his wife and Amit Behl will play senior Pant Pratinidhi
(Per another site)
goofyCat 3 years ago @MelodiousDreams Totally agree with you. The elder cast doesn't look as impressive as the younger ones. The only one I am happy with so far is Saurabh. (Even in the movie Chimnaji was the one whom I found most impressive ;) ) Anyways, the writing and direction of the show has been excellent so far, so hoping to see them extracting equally stellar performances from the elder cast too..
Dark_Phoenix 3 years ago the show has written FLOP over it. Sony was never the right channel to have it served
MelodiousDreams 3 years ago And it looks like Saurabh Gokhale might end up being the scene stealer among the entire new ensemble of actors...I was hoping for stronger actors to round out the new cast alongside him. Well, the show has a great crew and the directors have been wonderful so far...I hope the writing doesn't degenerate into a melodramatic saga for the sake of ratings.

My question is...Who have they decided to cast as Shahuji? Nitin Prabhat has done a brilliant job as young Shahuji! Such a regal, powerful young actor! Actually, all of the current cast have lived their characters in such a way that they'll be a tough act to follow!
Meself 3 years ago Damn not her. Seems like they are going to copy the movie where Mastani is concerned confining nher to be a dancer and musician. Come on people she was a warrior and in words of Dr. Subhadra Anand co-commander of Peshwai Army and people's princess. Also Meghna isn't impressive, why her when they could have chosen from so many actresses.
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