Meet the Judges of Zee's SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs

After Challenge 2007 Vishwayudh, now it's the turn of L'il Champs to get started with two new judges carrying a completely different thinking of running the show.

Starting 19th October,SaReGaMaPa starts its new season, another international series, but this time with kids between the age group of 7 to 14yrs. These kids will be singing to live bands under the able guidance of none other than Sonu Nigam and Suresh Wadekar.

We decided to ask Suresh Wadekar how he feels being the judge here. “It feels nice. This is not my first visit to the show. I have come here few times earlier too. But then, it was as a celebrity judge, but now I am the judge and the guide for the contestants too. So have to carry much more responsibility this time”. The first intro part has been done. He had lot of praise for the kid contestants. “I was amazed with their talent. I had followed last Lil Champs too. They had some really good contestants. But this time, the contestants showed talent beyond my imagination. I would like to congratulate and also thank Zee for arranging such a show. To get so many talented kids is a big commendable job done by them.”

Sonu Nigam the other judge of the show incidentally is coming back to the show after full eight years. He was the host of this show and now he is back as the judge. “It’s a pleasure coming back to this show again. I had put so much into this show in its early days. Now it has grown so much.” What made him decide to come back to the show? “Zee came to me with the request. I got similar offers from other such shows too. But this is a show with which I am emotionally attached.” As the introductory episode was already completed by him, we asked him what does he think about the contestants and what shape does he foresee the show to take in future? “This is show of the kids. So I made it very clear that it need to be devoid of all the drama stuff that usually the shows are following these days. We have decided that we will not put any pressure on these kids and let them all have fun here.” How about his fellow judge Suresh Wadekar? “We all know how great a singer he is. He is one who has a very sound knowledge on music. That’s the reason when Zee came to me, I requested them to get him also as the judge because I know his presence is going to be beneficial for these kids.”

With Aditya, another past child prodigy, as the host of the show and now such musical maestro’s on the judge’s seat, the show looks to be a delight for all music lovers.

So Folks, get ready to stay glued to Zee's SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs starting this Friday, October 19th...

Reporter: Barnali
Author: Barnali

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Sonu Nigam

Comments (16)

oh... I thought his name was Suresh Wadkar.

bt anyway, can't wait to watch them judge :) both of them seem quite sincere.. but I thought Pritam was also going to be in this season?

16 years ago

Sonu tell things quite politely..that makes him different from others.

16 years ago

only two judges???????????????? I thought shreya is supposed to b there

16 years ago

I'm really excited about Sonu coming back on SRGMP... can't wait to watch the show!

16 years ago

i'm gonna watch the show
hope its not rigged like the world challenge 2007

16 years ago

Sonu niga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG!!!It's great!!!!!!
C'mon lil champs!!!!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

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16 years ago

omg omg OMG SONU NIGAM......HE'S THE only reason i'm going to watch this show~!!!!!!!! FINALLY my singer is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG>>>>PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

so glad sonu is back as a judge....will see him a lot now.....forget wat show he makes a comeback with......but regardless srgmp was his first tv break..he's loyal to gajji i guess

16 years ago

wow.....nice to see sonu niigam back in SRGMP.
but one thing i must say that a 7 yr old is too young to compete with a 14 yr old.
i guess 10-14 yr group wud hv been better.

16 years ago

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