Meet Romeo, Laila and Charlie Anna.

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Saif Ali Khan as

Romeo is a small cute looking pet of a super rich human family. He‛s a real good looking guy and he makes sure everyone around him thinks so too! He lives the good life.
He‛s got a butler waiting on him, the best food to eat, a grand car to go out in, loads of super rich guy friends. He is extremely popular
with the ladies, he‛s a big flirt! He is very savvy and smart.                       

A guy with loads of intelligence and he knows how to get what he wants. A smooth talker, a smooth dancer, Romeo‛s a smart alec, a wise guy. When fate lands him in a slum, after his initial disappointment, he smooth talks his way out of trouble.
He finds himself to be more intelligent than the average street guy and he takes full advantage of this fact to turn things around to his benefit. He thinks nothing of lying just to get what he wants.
All said and done, Romeo‛s heart is still in the right place. He‛s a great guy. He‛s a dude!


Kareena Kapoor as

Laila‛s the hottest girl ever and she knows it! She is the lead singer and dancer at the Moonlight
Nightclub. This is where all the males throng every week when she performs.
There isn‛t a male guy alive in the slum who doesn‛t dream of dancing with the beautiful, Laila some day. She‛s not only got the looks, but the talent to sing and dance and heaps of attitude and arrogance to go with it too!
In spite of the large list of admirers, Laila is a lonely girl. Thanks to Charlie Anna the don of the slum.                                                                                                           
He is besotted by her and everyone is terrified of his anger. The consequences of just talking to Laila, forget dancing with her can be fatal and due to this, she has no friends. The girls are jealous of her and the guys scared of Charlie‛s wrath.
She dreams of finding a sweet, honest and brave guy who will have the courage to be friends with her, dance with her in spite of whatever Charlie may feel. Even though she is the hottest girl, inside she‛s a sweetheart.


Jaaved Jaaferi as  

Charlie Anna is the dreaded Don of the slum. Anna means big brother and that‛s what everyone calls him out of fear. He is the cause of fear in everyone‛s heart.

He‛s dirty, fat and ugly, with a big bouncy belly.
Charlie Anna is a pompous old fool who loves nothing                   
more than hearing his praises.His moods are unpredictable and that is what makes him dangerous, yet at heart he is a hopeless romantic, a softie with a tough exterior.
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