Meet: Ashi and Shagun's characters Meet & Manmeet to have an open ended exit, Details on their end track ahead

India Forums is back with another exclusive update on Zee TV's show Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet's track. Here's how Shagun and Ashi's characters Manmeet and Meet to end in the show.

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Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey

Zee TV's show Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet is all set to take a generation leap. India Forums had exclusively informed you about Ashi Singh being retained in the show post-leap and Syed Raza Ahmed being roped in as the new male lead post Shagun Pandey's exit from the show. 

Well, we are back with another exclusive update on the show. India Forums has now learnt how Meet and Manmeet's track in the show will come to an end. Manmeet and Meet, along with their kids will be stuck in a jungle hiding from Sarkar. However, Sarkar will catch hold of Meet's daughter and will decide to harm her. Realising that his child's life is in threat, Manmeet will come out to save her. However, in this tussle, Sarkar will shoot Manmeet. But, our highly placed sources close to the show inform us that Manmeet aka Shagun Pandey will not die after being shot and he is likely to have an open ended exit. On the other hand, Meet will land in jail on the accusation of a murder. Both Meet and Manmeet will then ask their kids to take care of each other. 

Just like Shagun, Ashi's character 'Meet' too will have an open ended exit in the show. While the promos of Ashi and Syed Raza Ahmed post leap have already been surfacing the internet and have created a lot of buzz, fans of Shagun Pandey have been a little disappointed over this developement.

What are your views on the above mentioned track of the show? Let us know in teh comments below. 

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