Master Geeta Kapoor finds herself in a tight spot...

Master Geeta Kapoor has already lost half her gang and is in a tight spot, in Zee TV's Dance India Dance...

e have just witnessed few weeks of action in the Grand Premier round of Zee TV's Dance India Dance, but it looks as though the Master Geeta Kapoor is already in a tight spot!!

Last week, we saw Shruti Basakhatre from Geeta Ki Gang bowing out. And as per the latest news, the two eliminations that are to happen this week are also unfortunately from Geeta's team.

According to our source, "After the face-off between Ameeth and Kishore on Friday, Saturday's episode will yet again see the bottom six contestants in action. The Masters were again asked to choose the bottom two from their teams. And Geeta was forced to choose Altaf and Teena, while Bhavna and Shashank from Remo Ke Rangeele were in danger zone. Terrence chose Kruti and Parvez as the bottom two from his team".

"As per the format, all the six contestants performed, and from that Mithun Da chose to eliminate Altaf and Teena from Geeta Ki Gang", adds our source.

Well, with this result, the already depleted Geeta Ki Gang will have their task cut out now!!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (24)

Anyone who doesn't do a good job on the show should be out based on that days performance... the key to good dancing is training and if the dancers in geeta's team are not receiving the training then they will go out...

14 years ago

these both were the most shameful contestant in that show!

14 years ago

xtaurus429x let me give u the answer why Geetaji brought Altaf n Teena on dance ki kasuati their performance where MIND-BLOWING, its bcoz mithunda had not salut altaf n teena he salut dharmesh n binni performances .. which i think was ok s compare to altaf n teena.... i personally feel its n unfair elimination it was mithunda fault not geetaji...

14 years ago

@ danIndiadance...

What are you talking about man??? Let me tell you something... All the masters are training their dancers very well. The only difference among them is that Geeta ma'am doesn't play politics! Geeta ma'am is an awesome choreographer! The only reason why she is losing her gang is because of the dirty politics!!!

Another thing...
Mithun da has always favored Remo! And that's why Salman won the last season. Otherwise, in reality, we all know that Siddesh and Jai were better performers and more versatile dancers than anyone else in season 1...!

Talking about Sunita and Alisha...
You really can't compare them! Alisha is a former boogie woogie winner. She has been trained by so many instructors! She was already prepared and ready when DID started! On the other hand, if you look at Sunita's audition, you will see that she was not that good. No expressions, no sense of beat. But after she was trained by Geeta ma'am, she became so much better... She gave better expressions, improved in the terms of music sense, and overall performance too... If anything, Geeta ma'am really worked hard to help her to be a better performer.

Btw, I agree with you in one point that you made. They need to replace the worst master. The master who plays politics and we all know (who that is)! So that there would not be any dirty politics and DID would be a clean dance competition.

Geeta ma'am, please don't listen to these people. Please keep up the good work... :)

14 years ago

Poor Geeta n her Gang! That was a shocker they must've been least prepared for..but then technically, i guess the others had an edge over Tina & Altaf at least in today's performance..a huge round of applause to Altaf though..he did well in the kasauti round!

Best of Luck to all the dancers! This season is sure tougher than the last n the competition is intense - both for the Mentors & their team mates!

14 years ago

this makes no sense at all! their performances were MINDBLOWING on firday! So first IDK why Geeta brought these two up for the kasuati! Second..Mithun daa..UNFORTUNATLY i think is biased...personally Idk what he thinks...

14 years ago

Terrence Lewis and Remo Dsouza train their students well and their team always perform well. If Geeta is losing her gang, she needs to raise standards as well. No offense to Geeta kapoor's fans!

Even last season, in the end ...they unfairly kept eliminating students from Terrence and Remo's group cause otherwise there would be no one left in Geeta's gang(she was just left with Sunita and Siddesh). Sunita was a good dancer but her performance was pathetic till she lasted. Geeta is to be blamed, the choreography was worst of all! Infact everyone we know wondered what Sunita and Siddesh are performing on stage- it was worst of all dance programs on TV!

Look how wonderfully Alisha performed during her stay in Terrence ki toli; she was mindblowing! Infact she was great during the auditions of season 2. I pity Dharmesh(sir) and every good dancer in Geeta's team. Nobody will remember them and more so, they will not learn anything from DID. Geeta's responsible for losing her team and for ruining these poor kids career!! High time they decide to replace the worst master!

14 years ago

that's a terrible thing to happen! but i think both altaf & teena sadly did not perform well, though their choreographies were very good! Shashank made many mistakes, but he danced oh-so-beautifully! i'm glad he hasn't been eliminated!

Do you think Remo will have his 6 till the wildcard again this year?

14 years ago

sad for geeta but am happy nikitasha from remo's gang is not in the danger zone!!! :))

14 years ago

i never thought teena was an amazing dancer to begin with..
but im sure atleast ONE of Geeta's gang member will be in the grand finale just cuz they would want to spice up the show lol!

14 years ago

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