Marc's Shocking Revelation!

Just when we thought no one on Sony Entertainment Television’s reality show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao could beat Palak and Fiza when it comes to controversies, Marc has managed to do just that!

After the explosive news of about seven contestants walking out of the show, the latest revelation of Marc Robinson, one of the contestants on Sony Entertainment Television's reality show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao comes through to prove that unexpected is what you can expect of life, or reality shows to be more specific.

According to our source, "Marc has confessed to have had a live-in relationship with Preity Zinta! Marc also said that the relationship lasted for about two years until they separated." The source further adds, "The relationship reached a dead-end as Marc and Preity's lifestyles were completely different. And both of them being people of strong identities understandably must have stood their grounds, unable to reach a compromise."

Even presently Preity and Marc's life are as different as it can be. Preity is getting over her broken relationship with Ness Wadia and Marc is happily married to model Walushca D'Souza with whom he has two kids.

Well, this ought to be the best of revelations to have happened in the jungles of Malaysia!!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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Shaina_b 11 years ago Everyone knows Preity and Marc dated at one point of time!!!!!Marc then went to Walusha and they broke up!!!!!!

Its no surprise!!!!

mjht_rox 11 years ago no preitu can never be soo cheap.....but know her colour now
yaar yeh filmy world jitna glamorous dikhta hai utna hai nahi na1
parii2 11 years ago its not a shock..every 1 knew that..nd dis has already been aired
ShinyGirl 11 years ago I already knew about it many years back...both of them were very open about their relationship.... its not a shock!!
suruchi123 11 years ago very old news..everybody knew about them when preety was in initial stage of her career
Bugger 11 years ago well alwayz knew tht preety n marc were going around when priety was a struggler cuz marc was quite famous at tht time as a model so it made big news so i guess its true .......i think they broke up right after prietys initial movies got released or even b4 tht
taherav 11 years ago it is true...even preity had admitted it in one of her magazine interviews a long time ago.
Bul3 11 years ago thnx..wonder if its true or again some publicity stunt..
ranjnanarang 11 years ago Isnt this a known fact that Marc and Priety were seeing each other for a long time.
-Preeti- 11 years ago thats reality show

but i like Marc as a contestant supportive
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